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I need some DM advice

Some people may need a fourth dose of Covid vaccine to remain protected, a government scientific adviser has said, with a decision expected shortly after the Christmas and new year holidays. Substance Lyrics: Hey, 03 / Yeah / We woke up / Intoxicated off of all types of drugs / I'm never sober each time I'm in love / I need some type of drugs / I need some type of substance / She keep Or that you need to show some restraint in an area of your life. Consider which part of the body is in a cast. Alternatively, a cast symbolizes a time of healing and discipline. TOP. Castanets. To see, hear or play with castanets in your dream represents little annoyances and irritations in your waking life. Alternatively, the dream may be a ... The Assassin’s Creed Unity Cheat – All you need to know . CHEATS . 7 January 2022 -4 . Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Trainer and Cheat Engine Table . CHEATS . 6 January 2022 . We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Some of these items are unique to the Forest City, and some represent Rockford's place in history or pop culture. More:Real Christmas trees require real care. Here are some tips to keep them safe ... You need to remove about 65% of the atmosphere before sea level air becomes too thin to support human life. ⁠ [3] As this paper points out, it's odd—and likely coincidental—that the highest point on Earth happens to be just about exactly as high as the human high-altitude survival limit. Needed Items to Support SOME's Community. For 50 years, SOME has been able to rely on an incredible community to support the people we serve in our mission. If you are able, SOME is in need of the following items to help support our clients and residents. learn more » Some of them were completely at sea. Previously they just read the numbers off the ruler with no concept that they are measuring a given distance. It turned out that few of the students (top academic classes) [could] do the measurements, they didn't know where to start, they didn't know that the ruler was metric, they didn't know that each ... 'Some', 'Any', and 'No Article' (This is an extract from my book: A and The Explained) Download this explanation in PDF here. We can use some, any or 'no article' before plural or uncountable nouns. They all mean something similar to a/an before a singular noun. For example: Can I have a banana? [One banana, but any one is okay.]

2022.01.24 10:09 Nan1TF I need some DM advice

For some background, I have been playing 5e for about 3 and half-ish years now and have decided that it's time I step up and take the mantle of DM, I've had few attempts but they failed, due to lack of interest on both sides. These have been mostly homebrew attempts with a total of 2 module attempts(a 4e adventure, and lost mines). It also was probably due to my lack of understanding as I have just recently read through most of the DMG and am working on reading through the PHB next. What are some good ways to keep players invested in the campaign? And as a new DM should I run modules or homebrew settings to get a handle on it? Or is it a situation where it just relies on preference as both are equally good?
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2022.01.24 10:09 MaxieM0us3 A Christmas collab done LATE, by @CoffeeBrainArts (on Twitter) and I

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2022.01.24 10:09 Jasup01 She sent her Best guy friend a picture of her bras and asked which one she should wear

So I live in Europe and I'm still in school. The other day the best guy friend of my gf texted my gf and said I'd only like her body and i get hard from her but there is not muchire behind it. We discussed this later on and i told her that that was not true and it's complete bullshit. We'll this guy who i will now refer to as A. Did like my gf for a long time but never had the balls to do anything about it like asking her put or something. Well then i arrive and his chance was kinda over. But doesn't it prove that by him saying that i only like her body, get hard from her and there is not much more behind it, that he isn't over her? A. Also said to my gf a bit ago that he is over her, has a gf herself but wont give any kind of information out. He can't prove it, doesn't spend time with anyone like that and overall has no evidence. That made me kind of paranoid and concerned for a while. Now let's come to the topic i actually want to talk about. My gf asked me which bra she should wear and said it was very important. That confused me again because who the hell would she need someone who chooses a bra for her because i don't think anyone is going to see it, right? Well she asked that question A. Too and also sent him pictures and he should also choose what she should take. This is completely wrong right? Or am i overestimating the problem here and just overreacting. I don't know what to do i need help guys.
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2022.01.24 10:09 atheistvegeta Can you review my writing?

Skepticism is to doubt something. The word is often seen as a synonym for atheism but that's a misconception. Bring a skeptic doesn't make you an atheist. Skepticism may lead you to being an atheist but it can also lead to strengthening your religiosity. An advocate of religion can be a skeptic too. A person who is number 2, a de-facto theist on the Dawkins spectrum of theistic probability is a skeptic by a definition, since they have do have a glimmer of doubt in their beliefs. Christopher Hitchens once proclaimed a 7 on the scale and asserted that God certainly did not exist. It's not possible to be sure about anything. You may tell yourself that you are sure of something, but your sub-conscious doesn't believe so. Jesus, too(assumedly)believed he was the son of God, but not like unlike Hitchens, it's impossible for him to have truly believed on an unconscious level. I would refer to Hitchens and Christ as tacit skeptics. We are all skeptics, some tacit and some vocal.
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2022.01.24 10:09 crytoloover GMR Migration - How to Withdraw Your GMR v2 Tokens If You Migrated from GMR v1 Using Trust Wallet

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2022.01.24 10:09 Mendafriend I’ll let it speak for itself

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2022.01.24 10:09 AGaming_Ditto Frustration and Return should be fast moves

Frustration is a complete dead weight (as it should be), but unfortunately, return is too. Return is barely ever used in PvP, due to a weak typing and bad stats (similar to hyper beam). Only Pokémon with terrible 2nd moves use return, and even then, most work will be done with their other charge move. Along with that, the normal type doesn’t have the best moves. Quick attack is decent stats wise, but it is burdened by being normal type. Return could be a great opportunity for a strong normal type move. If return was to have great stats, it would possibly be used in more situations. Shadow Pokémon with terrible fast moves would actually become useful with the return. Although it wouldn’t make big waves, it would make purified Pokémon at least somewhat useful. On another note, it would also deal with the issue of frustration on most community days. Last year, there were 10 charged move and 2 fast move community days (roserade has both bullet seed and weather ball). Overall, the issues with frustration overriding community day moves would be less extreme. Although it would hurt during a few community days, it would generally ease the issue. Disclaimer: Frustration would not be powerful or even close to powerful. It would pretty much be a yawn clone. Frustration as a fast move would also be a liability to Pokémon, just as it currently. Think of it as a shadow snorlax with yawn. With its good fast move (which is NOT frustration), it does great in the ultra league. But with yawn as a fast move, it performs very poorly. It loses tons of matchups and becomes nearly useless.
TL;DR: Frustration would still be worthless, but return would have a chance to all least be semi-useful. Along with that, event charged moves (which are more common) would be able to be obtained by evolution. Overall, these moves would be great candidates for revision.
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2022.01.24 10:09 Ky-e Anyone like Mortal Kombat?

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2022.01.24 10:09 bigblonde04 r/AmyWhinehouse has been revived!

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2022.01.24 10:09 waluigitime420 Geminus Q&A Part 1

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2022.01.24 10:09 Dengshopping 就爱看恨国罕见法尔克狂草爱国粉红贾碧🥰🥰🥰

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2022.01.24 10:09 GokuKing922 [OC] This is the great "YEET Man" Drawn by u/eginumacab ! Ask Him Anything about my Superhero World!

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2022.01.24 10:09 Monkmartglobal monkmart


Comment your favourite quote, so let us all know it!
#monkmart #monkmartglobal #discoverthedifference #books #bookstagram
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2022.01.24 10:09 Techster17 X-Men Monday #139 – Steve Orlando Talks Taking the Helm of ‘Marauders’

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2022.01.24 10:09 crvenkapica_011 Greške koje bi vas tokom zimske vožnje mogle dovesti u opasnost

Greške koje bi vas tokom zimske vožnje mogle dovesti u opasnost
Za bezbednu zimsku vožnju otprilike su podjednako važne dve stvari, a to su pojačana opreznost i izbegavanje opasnih grešaka. Opreznosti nikada nije previše, ali kada je u pitanju zmska vožnja, treba je udvostručiti jer su uslovi za vožnju mnogo teži. A koje su to greške koje bi vas tokom zimske vožnje mogle dovesti u opasnost – saznaćete ako ostanete sa nama do kraja ovog teksta.
#1. Vožnja sa praznim rezervoarom Ako imate lošu naviku da često vozite sa gorivom na minimumu, to vam se nekada može osvetiti. Naime, zimsko vreme često može da izazove neočekivane zastoje na putu, pa vam se tako može desiti da stojeći u koloni, ostanete bez goriva. I sad, zamislite scenu kako stojite i ne možete da maknete s mesta, svi vam trube, a auto nije u kvaru nego je vašom nepažnjom ostao bez goriva. Neprijatno, zar ne? Zbog svega toga, ako putujete negde zimi, držite rezervoar bar do pola pun, i u slučaju nužde uvek imajte telefon sa punom baterijom, da biste u slučaju da auto stane, mogli da pozovete pomoć na putu.
#2. Zaboravljanje na kontrolu automobila pre puta Pre kretanja na put, zamolite svog mehaničara da vam prekontroliše automobil. Jer, kada su u pitanju niske temperature, znajte da na -10˚C akumulator vašeg automobila gubi oko 60% svoje snage, dok na O˚C gubi samo 35%. Zbog toga je zaista neophodna temeljna provera kompletnog auta. Akumulator, sva svetla, metlice brisača, sve tečnosti i pritisak u gumama (koji na nižim temperaturama pada), su neke obavezne stavke čiju ispravnost uvek treba proveriti pre puta u zimskim mesecima.
#3. Ignorisanje uputstva za upotrebu Mnogi svoje uputstvo za upotrebu automobila drže zakopano u pregradi za rukavice i mahom ga ne gledaju, ali tokom zime, to baš i nije preporučljivo. Iskopajte uputstvo za upotrebu i po onome što tamo piše pregledajte antiblokirajuće kočione sisteme, kontrolu proklizavanja i pogon na sve četiri točka (ako je automobil tog tipa u pitanju), da biste bili sigurni da sve funkcioniše kako treba. Ako nemate ovo uputstvo, nije problem. Ukucajte u pretraživač svog pametnog telefona brend, model i godinu proizvodnje svog automobila, pa proverite savete za bezbednu vožnju, naročito one zastrašujuće. Čisto da se uverite da ste proverili sve što je potrebno.
#4. Vožnja bez odgovarajućih guma Zimska vožnja sa gumama koje nisu predviđene za to može biti opasna greška jer, zimske gume obezbeđuju dodatnu trakciju u snegu i ledu, čak i za vozila koja su već opremljena pogonom na sva četiri točka. Ako redovono vozite po hladnim i teškim uslovima, set zimskih guma može biti pametna i sigurna investicija jer se za njihovu izradu koriste gumene mešavine koje ostaju fleksibilne i na hladnoći, obezbeđujući bolje prijanjanje i bolje kočenje čak i po ekstremnim vremenskim uslovima.

#5. Zimska vožnja bez potrepština za hitne slučajeve Pored nošenja standardne četke za sneg i strugača za led, dobra je ideja da tokom zime u automobil stavite i lopatu za sneg, kao i malo pakovanje peska za mačke, za slučaj da se zaglavite u snegu. Ono što je takođe preporučljivo poneti su i kablovi za startovanje automobila, baterijaska lampa, fluorescentni prsluk, a za duže putovanje i toplija odeća, ćebad, rezervni punjač za telefon, malo hrane (recimo kaloričnih, nekvarljivih grickalica) i flaširane vode. Jer kad sve to imate, verovatno vam se ništa neplanirano neće dogoditi.
#6. Sedište podešeno suviše nisko Ako imate podesivo sedište, preporučuje se da ga u zimskim mesecima malo podignete, da biste imali bolju preglednost i vidljivost. Jer, uslovi na putu su lošiji, pa može da vam se dogodi da ne vidite sve prepreke na putu ispred sebe. A u takvim uslovima, sve je opasno; kako rupe na putu, tako i ležeći policajci. Budite sigurni da ste učinili sve da imate dobru vidljivost.
#7. Nepotrebna promena traka Nepotrebna šetnja iz trake u traku u zimskim uslovima može dovesti do toga da vaš automobil udari u bankinu, u neki drugi auto ili da prođete kroz dublji sneg ispod koga može biti svašta. Umesto toga, ostanite u svojoj traci dok ne morate da skrenete sa puta, smanjite brzinu i povećajte odstojanje, jer sa zimskim uslovima – nema šale.
#8. Prepuštanje panici U slučaju da se nađete u situaciji proklizavanja, ostanite staloženi i ne pritiskajte panično kočnicu. ABS će automatski aktivirati kočnicu za vas, pa je zato držite lagano pritisnutu i upravljajte normalno, gledajući u pravcu u kome želite da automobil ide. Bez bilo kakvih ishitrenih pokreta, lagano i staloženo, to je osnovno pravilo prilikom vožnje u otežanim zimskim uslovima.
#9. Korišćenje tempomata Nikada nemojte koristiti tempomat svog vozila u uslovima klizavog puta. On nema osećaj za ovakve uslove, pa se tako može desiti da doda više snage u pogrešno vreme, što može dovesti do gubitka kontrole nad vozilom. Umesto toga, zadržite potpunu kontrolu nad papučicom gasa, kočnice i upravljačem, kako biste sebi i bližnjima obezbedili bezbednu vožnju prilikom izazovnih, zimskih uslova.
#10. Brza vožnja na mostovima ili nadvožnjacima Svi mi vidimo znake upozorenja, ali retko razmišljamo o potencijalno opasnoj grešci, kada prebrzo vozimo preko mosta ili nadvožnjaka. Površinski uslovi mogu biti lošiji na mostu nego na prilaznom putu neposredno pre njega. Zato usporite, jer manja brzina omogućava više vremena za reakciju u slučaju opasnosti.
I to bi, otprilike, bilo to…
Ono što ipak želimo da napomenemo je da na duži put nikada ne bi trebalo kretati automobilom koji nije savršeno ispravan. U tom slučaju, predlažemo vam da iznajmite neki od jačih modela sa pogonom na sva četiri točka iz bogatog voznog parka rent a car agencije Autorent.
Naši automobili su uvek u savršenom stanju, a ako ih iznajmite na više dana, cena će, po danu iznajmljivanja, biti povoljnija. Za sve što vas zanima u vezi sa uslovima najma, možete pročitati na našem sajtu, a za sve ostale nedoumice, naše ljubazno osoblje uvek je tu za vas. Srećan put, želi vam rent a car agencija Autorent!
Izvor: Autorent doo
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2022.01.24 10:09 Upstairs_Board3334 Nogen der ved hvem det er? Er lidt nysgerrig. Personen står til 3 år.

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2022.01.24 10:09 Viammy [SNKL35/SKX013] My current seiko collection. I might add the snkl41 and/or the snk803

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2022.01.24 10:09 Otherwise_Basis_6328 Hangin' with Mr. Cooper (1992)

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2022.01.24 10:09 safin2 want to become an investor in movies? moviebizcoin will help you get there! Changing the movie business with blockchain. https://www.moviebizcoin.com/

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2022.01.24 10:09 criteriaz An old train monument going off to now signify its 1pm in my town.

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2022.01.24 10:09 tangled_cassette Sortilège - Métamorphose (1984)

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2022.01.24 10:09 wellfriedbeans I’m going to be a PhD student!

I got admitted to EPFL EDIC with a fellowship for this first year :) I’m so excited!
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