Im trying to do the opposite!

2022.01.24 10:37 sarthaj93 Im trying to do the opposite!

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2022.01.24 10:37 Whixa Quick! What race should I fantasia to??

I've been every race ow o. Currently am a Male Bun because you know...Bunnies. Though I'm over it and I do miss wearing hats. So the race I change to has to wear hats :) Opinions? Thoughts? Whats the best race? Whats your favorite race? Gimme words people.
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2022.01.24 10:37 Ryan7456 My Moto Z4 Play's charging port is getting incredibly hot while charging

Ive had my Moto Z4 Play for about 2 years now, and starting today, whenever I charge it the port and the metal part of the charging cable get very hot and there is a smell of burnt plastic. I've tried using other cables (with a fire extinguisher handy) and it does the same to all of them.
Anyone know of a fix, or am I just gonna have to bite the bullet and get a new phone? If you need any more info let me know, and thank you.
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2022.01.24 10:37 BeginningDrawing8616 You think people see your profile? Well...

I (33M) made a quick & dirty experiment to figure out how much swiping it would take, from a woman's profile, to see mine.
I thus created a dummy female account and started swiping left on dudes. At about the 300th profile, I started to get annoyed, and I tweaked OkCupid's preferences to show me only 33yo men (in fact OkCupid still showed me 32 and 34yo men) within a 10 km radius.
It took me 1338 left swipes to reach my profile. Granted, I live in Paris, which is densely populated. I also did not connect to my OkCupid account for about 2 days. I also mass swipe on female profiles, which could penalize my profile views. And it's likely that the order in which profiles are presented is partially randomized.
But the amount of profiles I had to skip before seeing mine is still staggering. These were *only* ~33yo dudes ! There's no chance in hell all these dudes are actually active on the app. Anyway, back to being single!
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2022.01.24 10:37 GoodiOG US President Jimmy Carter And Nigerian Head Of State Olusegun Obasanjo

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2022.01.24 10:37 korn_spiracy Kid vs Adult

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2022.01.24 10:37 brandnewsuperpede US conservatives linked to rich donors wage campaign to ban books from schools | US news

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2022.01.24 10:37 CatTeaQueen How long does whipped cream last in the fridge once opened?

The one in the aerosol cans you put on strawberries and ice cream.
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2022.01.24 10:37 myheadsexplodin For those who sold in November 2021, how did you know that was a good time to sell?

Like many im one of the people that held onto their bags even though I was up x7 on my portfolio. I’m thankful I’m still up x2.5 but man I should’ve sold earlier. However, I got greedy. Now I’m down almost 100k where if I sold, I could’ve bought back in now and doubled or tripled all of my bags. Anyway hindsight is 20/20. WE LEARN AND WE MOVE!
For those that sold at or near the peak, what are strategies you used to know it was a good time to sell?
One thing I can think of is to set a target on your portfolio and once you hit that, sell. No matter what. There will always be other buying opportunities as clearly evidenced by the market.
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2022.01.24 10:37 adelin12ivascu Wallpaper iPhone

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2022.01.24 10:37 Mehmetcb Allah

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2022.01.24 10:37 slc717 Cleaning service used Clorox, then a magic eraser on the toilet…resulted in these stains. How to remove?

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2022.01.24 10:37 mettaforall The Cloud Is Not Lost – In Honor of Thích Nhất Hạnh

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2022.01.24 10:37 TamaraAvakin Can we get a helicopter ?

Can we have a helicopter at a normal price or buildable, we have loads of cars and motorbikes at between 1500 and 3000 coins so can we get a helicopter in that price range, the last 2 new houses I have bought both have helipads but there is no helicopter in the game atm except the gold plated one and I’m not paying that much.
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2022.01.24 10:37 mitchg92 [Xbox][help][ds3] demon prince

Need help beating the demon prince's at bonfire password - 123
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2022.01.24 10:37 FrigginSargonMan What is the function of the police under socialism?

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2022.01.24 10:37 saltylems Help with trying to mimic cold brew from local coffee shop

My local coffee shop makes my absolute favorite cold brew, but I can't seem to create it myself at home.
I used the same beans, grind, ratio, and brew time, but it always come out tasting flat, and a tad bitter or just plain out watered down coffee grinds with no richness.
I use a toddy home brew with a 1 to 4 ratio and a 24 hour brew at room temp.
I am unsure if I am maybe missing a key ingredient or step that is used at the local shop. their cold brews seem to have a slight carbonation, so maybe a splash of sparkling water was added?
Any help or advice would be appreciated!
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2022.01.24 10:37 LambiiiBwoy Hallo I learn Hindi with the help of duolingo and have come across some problems that I don’t quiet understand. This two letters “ध” and “ढ” both make dha sound. So how do I know what is correct to use?

Hallo I learn Hindi with the help of duolingo and have come across some problems that I don’t quiet understand. This two letters “ध” and “ढ” both make dha sound. So how do I know what is correct to use? submitted by LambiiiBwoy to Hindi [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 10:37 totestornot123 Gdańsk vs Warsaw for nightlife?

Hi All,

Debating between these two cities. Planning a trip at the end of next month. Been to Krakow and Wroclaw previously, enjoyed both cities.

From what I have read, the bars/clubs in Warsaw is spread all over the city, thus making it not very walkable from place to place, whereas the opposite is true in Gdańsk
Would like to hear from any Polish locals..

Many thanks
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2022.01.24 10:37 cobicoo 'I'm Not Joe Biden': Bernie Sanders Snaps Back At President

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2022.01.24 10:37 GrumpyGF Where do you get this rose head accessory (Besides MyMeets)?

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2022.01.24 10:37 taximan_li Japanese Wordle?

There's a Japanese Wordle game! I think it's cloned from the original English Wordle created by Josh Wardle.
This Japanese Wordle allows 12 tries but each guess must be a valid Japanese word in 4 kana letters.
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2022.01.24 10:37 meowmeowfrijoles Advice for puppy biting out of frustration

Hello wonderful community. I’m here to humbly ask for advice to curb my 12 week old puppy’s biting. It’s not your average mouthing or puppy nips, she gets really frustrated when I tell her no and do not allow her to dig up the garden or eat her poop and she will start biting me - hard. I have learned that my yelping in response only instigates the biting and I try to consistently ignore her when she’s getting aggressive but sometimes it’s about keeping myself safe. I am the only person she does this with, and my vet said it should resolve once she bonds with me more but she’s only getting bigger. I have had her since Jan 5th, she’s very trainable and responsive in every other way. Thank you in advance <3
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2022.01.24 10:37 DarkFite Second Date. Nothing happened. Did i plan too much?

I just came from our second date and brought her home. We cooked together, drank wine, then went for a walk and drew together. We could talk to each other well and it wasn't awkward. But it didn't feel like a date to me. There was no sign on her part that she was interested. It was just like a night out with a good friend. It got late and she said she had to work tomorrow. Since it's a long way, I walked her home too. A simple short hug. That was it. I spent the days before thinking about what to do today and that's what I came home with. I don't want to force myself on her, but it would be nice to see that she was interested in something more than friendship. It didn't even have to be a kiss, but at least a small sign that it's not just friendship for her. I hugged her at the beginning and did some natural light touching and it didn't seem like she was uncomfortable. It was just so one-sided. It's totally fine if she takes things slowly, but I just want to know if she's taking it all seriously or if it's just a couple of friendly meetings. I was pretty honest with her on my first date too. I don't know if I planned too much and that's why we didn't get closer, if I made a friendly impression or if I should have just kissed her even if she didn't show any signs of it. I don't know if I should give her another chance. I just got off the phone with my best friend and he said that next time I should just watch a movie with her. I had planned too much and put too much pressure on her. Maybe she's a person who takes things slowly, but I don't want to put my hopes and energy into something that doesn't have a chance anyway. I think I will give her another chance, but if I really don't feel she has the same intentions, I won't put any more energy into it. And btw no I dont judge her for not kissing me, but if I dont see any signs of it, like really none, I wont force myself on her. Im not interested in just hooking up and since she is the best friends of one of my good friends i dont want to end it in bad terms or in a way where i pushed myself too much on her.
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2022.01.24 10:37 Lamby1999 Newest reggae song I just made check it out!

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