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2021.10.21 10:36 HotBus3942 (ALERT VIDEO). RAISE YOUR AWARENESS NOW! Critical Updates: MARKETS AND B...

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2021.10.21 10:36 Dangerous_Youth6981 SexVz Code 16d689cdfa24

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2021.10.21 10:36 Xk8lover DIY WLED floodlights!

DIY WLED floodlights! Having difficulty finding the form factor / size and price I wanted for landscaping flood lights. (I need about 40, and not terribly bright to create effects and highlight plants and sculptures on my xeriscaped {rock} landscaping. ) Here's my solution. Rather than $25 per light, I'm at roughly $5 each. (the prototype doesn't have pigtails, and I didn't have the chrome / silver paint at the time, so forgive the gold reflector)
I haven't figured out yet how to get the LEDs perfectly spaced, but that doesn't really matter to me, as these will not be visible from any standing distance.. All electrical connections are soldered, shrink wrapped, and covered in silicone to seal.
PARTS: 7 WS2811 pixels from string light 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe (cut to 1.5 inches length) 1.5 inch pipe cap 2inch to 1.5 inch pipe reducer Hot Glue Silicone sealant X-Connect pigtails reflective spray paint Brown (or black or whatever) paint for exterior of housing Armature wire or "spike" to put in ground Acrylic discs for lens cover (OPTIONAL)
Basic parts


I have clear lenses coming.. Using 2.5 acrylic discs that I will silicone to the front...
Test unit completed!
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2021.10.21 10:36 Blackhalo Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims Decrease to 290,000

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2021.10.21 10:36 SpellsnSpells Will you upload the app on F-droid as well?

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2021.10.21 10:36 mememaster69itellya I left my emotionally abusing boyfriend

My god does it hurt. He begged me to stay and all I wanted was to hold him in my arms again. I had to leave someone I love. I might regret this decision for as long as I live.
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2021.10.21 10:36 IAmCait94 Visiting my home town next week for the first time since I disclosed to my family about my uncle sexually abusing me as a child. Having very mixed feelings. Any advice for getting through it and enjoying it as much as I can?

I disclosed pre-pandemic, which was handy as it meant the decision of whether or not to visit home was taken out of my hands for a while. I have done a lot of work in therapy so am feeling stronger than I did before. I have some family members who still don't want to believe what I'm saying is true and are having a positive relationship with my uncle. I am anxious about bumping into him and how he and his wife may behave towards me - he of course completely denied it when it was raised and she has decided that I must have made it up or imagined it, presumably as she doesn't want to believe it's true. I have not come face to face with them since I disclosed. I may or may not bump into them while I'm there, it's a small town, and the unknown around this is really difficult to prepare for. I am excited to see friends in my hometown, particular family members, and pets. My boyfriend is joining at the end of the trip and he is super supportive. I feel like I am going back to re-claim it as my home and be able to enjoy the bits I like and I want to be strong. However, I know there will be difficult moments with family and anxieties about being there without the support system I have where I now live, until my boyfriend gets there. I am scared of having a panic attack and showing weakness, but equally weary of going in angry towards other family members where I am unsure of their stance and my feelings towards them. Think I just want some kind words and any strategies to help me get through and make the most of it. And if anyone could tell me what it was like coming face to face with their abuser I would be grateful to hear about it. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.21 10:36 Jyiiga Ladder = New Monsters, New Runewords.

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2021.10.21 10:36 lolry13 Did i buy a real Dualshock 4?

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2021.10.21 10:36 VivAuburn Recruiter and Front man

I keep thinking about these guys. For one how fascinating it is if Recruiter got In-ho on board and now he is suposefly his superior. I don't actually think that he went through slap game (1. Not sure that he was in that much of debt. 2. Don't think that every person got that way. Ji Yeong probably didn't) but still some very interesting conversations might have happened there. Are they drinking buddies?
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2021.10.21 10:36 Rikudo21 Battlefield standard version question

i have a small question, on the ps store it states that is you buy the standar version of battlefield 2049 u will get the ps5 and ps4 versions, i have both of the consoles, if i get this version, will i be able to play it on my ps4? ( it will show up in the ps4 library or only on the ps5 one?)
If anyone could help i would appreciated
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2021.10.21 10:36 saffron_xxx How do you stop guys flooding you’re dms ?

I’m obviously very attractive as men won’t leave me alone how do I stop them falling for me lol
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2021.10.21 10:36 Kalindu44 help me to reach 50 subscribers.

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2021.10.21 10:36 Louieman44 Guys did you know that the switch uses 7 watts???? I Hooked my generator right to the power wires and it runs so much faster now. I’m getting more frames per second than my eyes can even register and the screen appears black!!

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2021.10.21 10:36 XxCOOKIExX87 Metal Gear Ray from Metal Gear Solid [Self]

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2021.10.21 10:36 Spookee0 So I got a PS2 to USB adapter so I could play Clone Hero but for some reason when I use the strum bar it doesn't register correctly especially on long notes and it has me confused since the controller never acted this way on the PS2 games

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2021.10.21 10:36 bestdealsforyou Flat 75% - 80% off on Lotto , BATA , New Balance , UCB Shoes From Rs. 122 (For men and women both)
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2021.10.21 10:36 a_saddler ELI5: Why can't you 'look' anywhere in your field of vision without moving your eyes?

If you take a picture with a phone, you more or less a crisp image everywhere on the camera's sensor. But if you try to shift your awareness anywhere but where you're pointing your eyes, it quickly becomes blurry.
Is it a light focusing problem? Or is your brain just incapable of it?
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2021.10.21 10:36 svanapps Nukkleus Inc. Acquires Stake in New Bitcoin ETF Issuer, Jacobi Asset Management

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2021.10.21 10:36 creedroyce Checks out

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2021.10.21 10:36 Haady_B When is the worst time to sneeze?

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2021.10.21 10:36 BoardgamesArchivist Our animals like to join in on game nights
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2021.10.21 10:36 MrTardidgrade yes me next

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2021.10.21 10:36 DANK_BLUMPKIN [GSAH] Mirion Technologies Begins Trading on the New York Stock Exchange Under the Symbol “MIR”

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2021.10.21 10:36 A-n-a-k-i-n My very first NFT - Cloud Pink

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