I heard it’s a 74 day

2021.10.21 12:29 Cheesecake_Used I heard it’s a 74 day

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2021.10.21 12:29 ScottBowey28 Can’t download Resi4?

I’ve spent the last two hours installing resi for it to go passed the 10gb when the download is 7.8gb, then when trying to reset the oculus I had to start from zero again, does anyone have a fix for this?? Was hoping to play this today
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2021.10.21 12:29 hannahjjs19 Why is there such little crossover between the pro life community and the vegan community?

I am both pro life and a vegetarian for ethical reasons. I often hear pro choice vegans accuse pro lifers of being “pro birth”. They are basically arguing that you cannot really call yourself pro life if you eat meat, and while I agree with this, by that same logic, it would also be hypocritical for vegans or vegetarians to be pro choice. What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.
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2021.10.21 12:29 YOW-Weather-Records Today is Hamilton's 21st consecutive October day with maximum temperature ≥13°C which puts this run in 4th place for the longest run on record. If this continues, we will reach 3rd place tomorrow.

Today is Hamilton's 21st consecutive October day with maximum temperature ≥13°C which puts this run in 4th place for the longest run on record. If this continues, we will reach 3rd place tomorrow. submitted by YOW-Weather-Records to HamiltonWxRecords [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 12:29 valqplnj Celeste, tuxedo princess

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2021.10.21 12:29 Weight_Hefty I’m tired of the lag

I know we all lag from time to time. It just the nature of online gaming. But when people abuse it, it just becomes another issue with this game. I have been killed countless time already by people with shitty connections. I watch killcam and they would have two circles orange and red on screen. No reason why the game can’t detect a steady signal and just boot these type of connections. Or let me choose a limit to set.
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2021.10.21 12:29 GrapefruitFancy3995 For the next 100 customers - 1000 Instagram Followers for $1

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2021.10.21 12:29 Rubbeat Furry bad

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2021.10.21 12:29 LawNation Dallas Cowboys Should Consider Moving La'el Collins Back INSIDE at Guard...

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2021.10.21 12:29 Beardedobject Whittled ring. Some flavor of birch? I don't recall what I cut the limb from now.

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2021.10.21 12:29 haptiK Hi, fren! I'm Coco!

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2021.10.21 12:29 F_for_Respect_69 Day 192 of saying hi

Hi, I like the allay
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2021.10.21 12:29 NjOptionsTrader21 40 [M4F] Unhappily Married In NJ Looking For New Friends To Talk With Often

Hi All! I am 40, lonely and unhappily married and would love to make new friends!. I work for an investment bank in Midtown Manhattan and love exploring the city on my free time I am Looking for someone who is nice and easy to get along with and who has different interests we can explore together. I love to travel both domestically and abroad, and love the Caribbean. i am also an avid reader and love a great conversation about many different topics. exercise and staying healthy are also high on my list of interests
Hope to hear back from some potential cool friends!
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2021.10.21 12:29 noodledoodle07 look at his eyes

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2021.10.21 12:29 Tomas-00 Can i run FH5 1440p ultra settings

I am wondering if i can run the game at 1440p ultra with these specs. Have they mentioned if fh5 i good optimized like fh4 or even better.
Specs: Cpu: Ryzen 3700x Motherboard: B450 Tomahawk max PSU: Seasonic FOCUS GX 750W Ram: Corsair vengance rgb pro 16gb 3600mhz Gpu: Rtx 2070 super msi Gaming x
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2021.10.21 12:29 genadyarkhipau Pasture, watercolor

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2021.10.21 12:29 Heckbegone More of a pharma question, but can anyone tell me what this TB on my Ativan prescription means? Ive been getting it for a while and never had this written on it

More of a pharma question, but can anyone tell me what this TB on my Ativan prescription means? Ive been getting it for a while and never had this written on it submitted by Heckbegone to medical [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 12:29 Moist_Cod4416 Let's go go go go!

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2021.10.21 12:29 YOW-Weather-Records Today was Halifax-Stanfield's 200th ≥10°C day this year which puts 2021 in 2nd place for the most year-to-date October 21.

Today was Halifax-Stanfield's 200th ≥10°C day this year which puts 2021 in 2nd place for the most year-to-date October 21. submitted by YOW-Weather-Records to HalifaxWxRecords [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 12:29 HogarthHughes96 Saturday needs to get here now

This is the most excited I've been for a game since maybe 2016 Penn State. I've gone through the entire range of emotions in the last few days, and I wanted to post here before my mind goes to a dark place again. Hail to MFing Pitt.
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2021.10.21 12:29 shoenberg3 Desperately trying to register for a seat in the step 1 - help please

Hello all,
I am attempting to take the Step 1 exam with a three digit score (mid January)
I started my application slightly late -- and paid for the exam/submitted diploma on late September. They are saying it's going to take 8 weeks to process.
One thing that is really concerning me is that my medical school has changed the name of the degree awarded starting my year.
I just had my school send an email to ECFMG to notify them of the change -- not sure if they will get the memo on time.
My biggest fear is that my application is going to be rejected 8 weeks later and then I will have to start from scratch -- leaving not enough time to register for January exam!
My questions are:
1) Do they outright reject applications for discrepancies or do they allow you to modify the application? If so, what is the timeline after you make the needed change for you to get a scheduling permit?
2) Has anyone else had similar issue with change in degree name etc -- and how did you get it resolved?
3) Finally, if there are seats available for a specific date, how late can you make a reservation? Hypothetically is day before possible?
Thank you for reading this long message.
I would appreciate any help (or encouragement indeed..)
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2021.10.21 12:29 Low_Town74 Question about run paths!

So, I'm running a Blizz Sorc (I know... Bonus points for originality!) My Merc is setup with Tals helmet, Black Hades, and an eth CV Insight. I'm decently set up, but still have a lot of pieces I'd like to add in and find, and I play more towards ssf, but I'll also play with friends that have the game.
I've been farming for around a week, and I'm not sure what path looks best for me. I can do Chaos Sanctuary with Merc killing the Cold Imms, which makes for a slightly longer run, but the xp is good. Other common areas I farm are Andy, Meph, AT, Pindle.
I have Shako, a +1 sorc ammy, Spirit Sword, Spirit Monarch, Vipermagi, Ravenfrost, IK belt, Trangs Gloves, Waterwalks, and an FCMF ring for my 105 breakpoint. I think I've got around 120 MF. I still have to socket my Shako. I have Chancey's, but not using to maintain 105 breakpoint.
Basically, I'm looking for run path suggestions!
Currently considering: Andy, AT, Meph, Chaos, Pindle. Maybe Trav? Is Chaos worth the time of teleing my Merc on the cold Imms? Will answer any questions I can, and thanks in advance!
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2021.10.21 12:29 adamwox This game has incredible graphics but...

Is this rendering issue going to be fix some day? Is there a chance to not have disappearing / reappearing grass, trees and other objects while moving? The game looks stunning but when it comes to "1 meter blinking render" it is just so annoying, so ugly "feature". I know that this is a completely different game engine but New World manage to make stable enviroment rendering. Nothing pops, blinks, disappears and looks incredible. What is wrong with Black Desert's engine?
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2021.10.21 12:29 Meris25 Aroden is my Big Bad End Game

I've been running my first Pathfinder campaign for over a year now as a sequence of modules, it's been so fun. We went through Feast Of Ravenmoor, Midnight Mirror, Carrion Hill, The Harrowing, Doom Comes to Dustpawn and now Cradle Of Night as the finale. They're all good modules I highly recommend them though Carrion Hill is my least favourite and Dustpawn required tweaking. In Midnight Mirror the party sided with the Shae Nicasor, freeing him from the mirror, helping him kill the baron and leaving the town to him. Since they left Nidal he rallied followers and caused an uprising which has been going on in the background of other adventures. Cradle Of Night was a natural choice then as it's one of the few modules set in Nidal though only partly as much of it takes place in the Underdark city of Lyrudrada. Returning they learn the consequences of their choice. Now they're driven to set things right. Nicasors Rebels were forced to retreat into the Underdark by Zon Kuthons forces where they came upon the city of Lyrudrada and assisted the Reborn cult in taking over. It turns out they serve the same master.
This is where the homebrew gets heavy, instead of the Forsaken Veilsendri, the Reborn serve the Crippled God. I took some lore from the Malazan book series around the main antagonist https://malazan.fandom.com/wiki/Crippled_God Worth a look if you're curious, though watch out for spoilers should you intend to read it. The reborn is now a cult of the broken, dispossessed, plagued and ignored of society. The cult does not leave these behind instead they are lifted up high; brokenness and deformities are seen as wonderful things. Misery and pain are to be indulged, gluttony, lust and excesses of every kind are embraced. It makes sense that the Crippled God would choose the Caligni city of Lyrudrada then as Caligni are a fallen people, driven into the dark and forgotten by the other Gods. Likewise, Nicasor's uprising of Fetchlings and other shadow folk share kinship, while Zon Kuthon is threatened by TCG. The Cradle Of Night will be used to unshackle TCG and when that happens his vengeance shall split the heavens. Naturally, the PC's don't want that.
Obviously from the title, TCG is secretly Aroden. I really like his lore and the mystery surrounding his death so I merged it with TCG. When Aroden was preparing to return he was ambushed and betrayed by Asmodeus and Sarenrae. But these two Gods were at odds with what to do once they defeated Aroden, much is uncertain around this confrontation, but a half measure was chosen or perhaps, it was the only option. Aroden was broken and shackled his powers severely limited, he fell to Golarion screaming. That sound became the howling winds in the Eye Of Abendengo that ravaged the land. Gollarion shook as he came down causing earthquakes that tore through the Mwangi expanse leading to the Shatterfield. Now, why did Saren and Asmo do such a thing? To act against prophecy, Arodens return would have brought in the Age Of Glory which would have been Glorious of course, but it was also a step along the way to the Prophesised freedom of Rovagug the Great Destroyer. By defying prophesy and causing the Age Of Lost Omens, fate has been broken. Uncertainty is chosen as an alternative to the end of everything that would come with Rovagug. So they struck Aroden down, with tears yes, but they did it.
This dark truth of the world could have dire consequences when it is revealed, the very air that carries the words will burn and loss of sanity for those who learn the truth in a Lovecraftian way. One of the players is an Inquisitor of Sarenrae, Victor Saltzpyre from Warhammer, that’s how he began anyway, now he’s a bit more complex. He’s been visited by a messenger of Sarenrae and told the importance of his current mission, warned to make sure a secret stays buried. As an inquisitor, he’s seen as the kind of man to keep a lid on heresy though I’m curious how the player will RP it when he learns the truth.
Currently, Aroden has the Cradle Of Night and is using it to slowly unshackle himself. Caligni are a race that was engineered so that when they die they burn right up allowing creatures with the cradle to harness their very being for power. Aroden has drawn the cult of Caligni close so as the PC’s kill them on their way to stop Aroden they will actually be giving him the very energy he needs to unshackle himself. Ohohoho delightfully devilish. One PC is a Caligni of Lyrudrada so it will be fun to see how he reacts when learning the secret behind his people. Once free this won’t be the Aroden of old, the betrayal and the years spent in pain have broken him leaving a spiteful and vengeful God that the PC’s will be in a desperate fight to stop. “He knows naught but pain, and yearns only to share it, to visit it upon all that lives, all that exists."
Throwing a God at the players is something I would not usually do as it’s far beyond their power level. However, given that he has been Crippled for so long and is only just freeing himself as they arrive it makes sense that he is weakened. So we can suspend our disbelief if they win. And that is an if, I’m ramping the final fight up to deadly, I want it to be hard, hell I want some PC’s to sacrifice themselves in beating him. As for this final fight I’ve gone through a few drafts of what it will be. Part of why I’m posting this is to see if you fine folks had suggestions same for the lore too, I’ve taken liberties with the world and warned my players of that a while ago. If you’ve spotted parts of this story that could be ironed out, or changed I welcome it :)
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2021.10.21 12:29 antnythr Can I run return air through ducts in the chimney?

We have a 1920s house with no return air on the second floor. We’re planning on installing an AC unit in the near future and know that the upstairs will be warmer without the return air.
Currently we have a gas furnace (19 years old) and HWT (8 years old), and I was wondering if it was a possibility if we converted to a electric furnace and HWT and no longer needed the chimney, could we run ducting through the chimney from the basement to the attic, then branch off and add return air vents into the ceilings of the bedrooms and hallway to give us the proper air return upstairs?
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