Penthouse puzzlement...

2021.10.21 11:51 jufishi Penthouse puzzlement...

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2021.10.21 11:51 MelvinStrickland6 this is really awesome

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2021.10.21 11:51 Playful_Height8736 Is this fixable. Crashed and the clamp looks bent. Is there anything i can do to fix? Last pic is the scoot before the crash :(

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2021.10.21 11:51 Kolba2 [Fan Fic]: Fire and Ice

Maryr rounded the top of the hill and the Jewel mines came into view. Not far below in the valley, a black cavern opened into the side of the opposite hill. All around were mounds of excavated rock, piled high. Lengths of wood, iron and rope also lay scattered about; the apparatus of the mining operation. Here and there in between could be spotted piles of green jewels, glinting in the sun.
Stories of the treasures being unearthed underground had been circulating the town for weeks. And they were not merely stories. The tavern was especially rowdy lately, as those flushed with recent success barrelled through its doors, and splashed their Jewels liberally. Like a contagion, everyone became thirsty for the same windfalls.
We might call it a wizard's intellectual curiosity to leave no place a mystery, but there was something about the caves that called to Maryr. A desire to explore deep into the Earth and find out what was there first hand; to see with her own eyes. An unexplained impulse that she had so far put off, but with talk of the mines at fever pitch, Maryr felt she was missing out. She descended into the valley.
When it became obvious that she was walking straight for the mine entrance, the wizard started to attract attention. A huge musclebound warrior was leaving the mines, pushing a cart full of jewels ahead of him. The empty iron cart alone would have been immobile to most, but this hulk wheeled it like a pushchair. He caught Maryr's eye as they passed each other. "Jewels don't grow on trees down there, green fingers". Those in earshot sniggered. Maryr's eyes narrowed slightly, while her steps became more determined.
Once out of the sunlight and feeling the cool, damp air of the cave, Maryr felt a strange sense of being at home. The great rock maw somehow welcomed her presence, while the drip-drop of water had a calming influence on her. She chose at random one of the several narrow passages that broke off from this entrance chamber and began walking deeper into the earth.
After some time, the passage opened out again into a wide chamber, filled with the clamour of miners. The miners' shouts combined with the song of their tools into a subterranean concert. Some miners were strenuously chipping into the rock at the edges of the chamber, slowly widening its circumference. But of most interest was the operation occurring in the very centre of the cavern, where a group of miners were coordinating their efforts together.
There in the centre was a huge overhanging rock descending from the ceiling. This odd stalactite was bulbous towards the bottom, resembling a war club, and embedded within the strange formation was a vast amount of jewels. Erected alongside this hanging rock was a wooden scaffolding, reaching near the ceiling of the cave, perhaps 20 feet or more. It became clear the intention was to chip away at the overhanging rock where it was narrowest, near the top, in order to bring the whole mass down where it could be mined more easily. With the scaffolding only allowing an awkward and partially obstructed access to the rock, Maryr could see that the task would take a lot of effort, and a long time.
"Hallo!", "Miss!", a short moustachioed man ran up behind Maryr. His hastily balanced protective helmet suggested the mines were not his native environment either.
"Excuse me, town regulations forbid civilians from entering..." "Do I look like a civilian?" interrupted Maryr. "Ahem... yes, no, ah - what I mean to say is that..." "You mean to say that the mines are a free-for-all to anyone with the correctly proportioned muscle mass, but the presence of any grey matter is strictly surplus to requirements?" "It's for your safety..."
Maryr hated any implication she was in any way naive or out of her depth; no matter the situation. Before she could reply, one of the miners at the wall joined the conversation:
"Not only that. We wouldn't want you getting soot on those delicate robes of yours. The dry cleaning must cost more jewel than is inside that entire rock!".
A second miner, this one a female knight, also decided to chip in:
"I've heard the town museum is discussing the idea of guided tours for civilians and... bookish sorts. Until then, we'd prefer tourists to stay out." "They get in the way", she growled.
Maryr's green eyes suddenly flashed a blue-white, just for an instant.
Another miner sidled up to Maryr. With a gap-toothed grin, he placed something into her hand: "'Ere ya go, love. Take home a souvenir from your nice day out at the mines!". It was a minuscule fragment of jewel, just a pebble in the palm of her hand. She let it fall to the ground in contempt. The draft that blew into the chamber turned to a wind. The temperature which was at first only cool became cold. And the moist air dried.
Maryr stepped past the miners into the chamber proper.
"Oh, you're all so funny! I thought it was wizards who had the reputation for acting superior. But here you're making egoism into a new performance art!
"You can't really be so insecure that you're jealous and protective towards a bunch of tunnels, are you? Take it from me, a wizard. Perceiving yourself special in some area just because of who you were born, as opposed to the actions you're actually capable of: that is a bad habit to get into. Fortunately, I can help relieve you of these ugly pretensions; there is nothing dumb brawn can achieve which the focused mind cannot. Watch."
She turned and fixed her attention on the hanging rock. Those blue-white eyes appeared again, not a brilliant flash this time but a gradual glow. Stretching her arms towards the rock she spoke an incantation and the wet surface began to crystalise and turn white with frost. Throughout the stalactite, water unseen to the eye channelled itself through innumerable crevices, and crystals of frost formed here too until the interior of the bulb was veined with expanding ice. New cracks began to form on the surface, and they spread like tendrils over the rock.
The piercing sound of rock cracking, splitting, sharding; one hunk of rock fell. Then two. Three. Suddenly the whole mass shuddered and detached from the cave ceiling, falling in slow motion. When it crashed, it exploded apart in a thousand fragments of broken rock, shattered ice, and perfect Jewels. The boom resounded off the cavern walls and shook the earth to its core.
"Look!" the official wearing the helmet pointed up at the roof of the cavern, where a great fissure had appeared above the centre of the chamber. The fissure was rapidly snaking towards the group at the entrance to the cavern. Rocks began to fall, and the chamber shook.
"Everybody out! Now!" yelled the knight. Miners at the farther ends of the cavern were shaken from their stupefaction, threw down their tools, and made a dash for the exit.
"They won't make it", a stunned Maryr managed to utter, and raising her arms aloft she sent a flow of energy upwards; a barrier holding the roof in place. Marhyr was suddenly in a losing battle against gravity, and she would lose it very quickly. She closed her eyes to focus, grit her teeth with the strain of both mental concentration and physical effort. She felt a rush of blood to the temples, and white sparks fizzed in the black of her closed eyes. The sound of the voices calling to her started to fade out.
A split second before she lost consciousness, the barrier expired and the roof came down.
Maryr awoke in the familiar surroundings of her own bedroom. Standing at the foot of the bed, her own reflection looked down at her.
"Maryr Hellbrand. The Artic mage who is hot-headed. With a name to match.
"Maryr, with the intelligence of a master sorceress, and the wit and finesse of a blundering apprentice. Not only are you a danger to yourself, but you put others lives at risk, too"
No, this was not her own reflection speaking to her. She would have used a much harsher selection of words had she been scolding herself. Speaking to her was Dirren Yewsign, who was almost the exact double of Maryr, save for one or two physical attributes. The horns were a dead giveaway, for one.
"Who got me out?", Maryr uttered feebly.
"The very miners you endangered. They clawed back the rubble and found you. Quite unscathed, remarkably. Miraculously, even. I'd almost say something was looking out for you down there. You passed out because of the sheer effort of will.
"Here is the really ironic part. Once you were out and the rest of the rubble cleared, it turns out there was a hitherto sealed upper chamber which is now accessible due to your antics. The Jewels they are carrying out are like nothing they've ever seen.
"Yes, they're toasting your name in the tavern as we speak. This is instead of casting a ballot to have you banished from the town, of course. Which would have been the more likely scenario."
Maryr didn't have the energy to reply; she turned her head to the side and gazed out of the window at another clear blue sky.
Dirren rested her hands on the foot of the bed, leaning over the exhausted wizard. "Maryr, do you know that even though you put your own life at risk, and those of others at risk, that this is still not the most stupid, reckless, dangerous and selfish part of your actions today?"
She moved towards the window and looked out as she continued. "We are wizards, and the magic in us is a gift of mother nature. The bounties of this land are also a gift, of the earth. Both of them are to be respected. The powers that either provide us are not to be seized greedily, violently and exploited as though they are something owed to us. Least of all should one power be perverted for gain of the other. It is an affront. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
There was no hint of anger in her voice. Just calm and disappointment, perhaps sadness.
"An explosion from the end of a staff - that's magic. An explosion of gunpowder - why, that's 'merely' technology. But they are both the same. Both are products of intelligence, of genius and inspiration. Ask this, Maryr: What happens when the current mines run dry and pickaxes cease to unearth the same flow of jewels that people have grown used to? And something more powerful is needed to delve deeper. Will the people employ gunpowder, or hire a wizard to blast holes into the earth? And what a mess it would create! An awful lot excavated rock that would need removing; too much to do so by hand. Well, they'd bring in machines to move these vast quantities, and keep the mine flowing. How will they power these machines?..."
She broke off and now turned to Maryr. "We both know this is not some thought experiment; it is a memory. We who have been summoned all bear this memory.
"Don't you see Maryr, we haven't just been called back to this world to protect castle walls and defend towns with our swords and magic. Yes, we are protectors, but we guard the earth too. We shield the ones who called for our aid, but above all we must shield them from themselves, from their worst nature; to not go down that slippery slope again. This is the Hero's real purpose."
Maryr was exhausted. She felt compressed from all sides, physically, mentally, emotionally, and Dirren's words added to the crush. At times, it is responsibility that weighs heaviest of all. Maryr knew and understood that, just as she knew it was in her nature at times to want to explode, unleash, and push back. And then to regret it later. Even regretting it, she knew the cycle was somehow necessary, like releasing a pressure valve. Maryr Hellbrand fell into a deep sleep.
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2021.10.21 11:51 GreatCthulu Solid looking BR deck, I separated my intended cuts on the right. Other relevant cards not shown are two silver bolts. Any suggestions for cuts? Is this a 16 land deck?

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2021.10.21 11:51 No_Buyer411 Oh My God!!! That cute little butt turns me on so much!! What will You do ???

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2021.10.21 11:51 Trump_Idiocy Putin orders Russians to stop work for a week amid record Covid daily deaths

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2021.10.21 11:51 Zergom Parents scramble to get kids to school amid bus driver shortage in southeastern Manitoba

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2021.10.21 11:51 NeoZRL Handbrake for Thrustmaster t300

I was wondering if there are any handbrakes that I can use for a Thrustmaster t300 wheel with a price less than 100€
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2021.10.21 11:51 onjoleaparis Hey babes. Follow my new Instagram @onjoleaparis1 💛

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2021.10.21 11:51 X-Treme23 Chances for best girl.

Im at AR45 (not ascended) and Im gathering up primos for best girl Hu Tao, problem is I only have like 994 primos + 40 fates, and Im on 50/50 because I got Raiden as first 5 star which I regret bcause she sucks at this AR and I cant build her properly.
I did some math and I can get at least 1680 primos from coms and around 200+ from events/quests in the next 28 days (from now) which brings the total fates to around 68-71.
What are my chances? I'm also considering getting Welkin within these 3 days because Im real desperate to get her, but I worry that I'll lose 50/50 and that will suck big ass.
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2021.10.21 11:51 fishinariver Well. Say no more

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2021.10.21 11:51 Hannomat EBIKE (noch nich so etabliert bei den normies)

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2021.10.21 11:51 skule123 Canadian Parliament Carillon playing Muppet songs, 10/21 1200EST (link to listen live)

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2021.10.21 11:51 post-news VIDEO: Massive boiler explosion at Lahore Benz Juice Factory

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2021.10.21 11:51 AlyssaLamberti Network problems can be a nightmare 😱. They pop out of nowhere and haunt your users, your applications, and your whole network infrastructure. Get ahead of the problems before they haunt you forever. 👻

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2021.10.21 11:51 Breme40 Should the sidemen do the Squid Game challenges in the next sidemen video

Answer truthfully
View Poll
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2021.10.21 11:51 Forsaken-Swimming-83 | ⚗️Labswap ⚗️ | DeFi | Great Potential | DeFi community project focused on NFTs marketplace, Stake & Yield Farming. | We´re bulding our own Ecosystem!! | $LAB | BSCGem | Next x100 | 0% Tax fee |

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$LAB is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).
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2021.10.21 11:51 MIKAELthehunter Any good guns?

I’ve seen people using the M416 but it seems too easy. I want to have a challenge when playing not flipping the difficulty to easy or hard just normal.
So I guess any all rounders?
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2021.10.21 11:51 Gate4043 Sylvie is from the Captain Carter timeline

This seems a little far-fetched at first, but it makes a bit of sense. While we don't know for certain if the Avengers exist in the Captain Carter timeline, we haven't seen any indication of Peggy knowing anyone beyond Hawkeye and Widow, and we can be fairly confident Iron Man doesn't exist, since we have the Hydra Stomper and haven't really heard anything about Iron Man.
While Tony isn't crucial to the Avengers forming, Loki is. It's certainly feasible that Batroc was still doing the same criminal activities prior to New York, but I think given the amount of time Peggy's been there, which feels like a few years given her relationship with Natasha, it's fairly safe to say it either happened or it should have by now...
but no mention of the Avengers. Certainly seems to have no knowledge of Thor beyond her meeting him with the Guardians of the Multiverse, and if she doesn't know Thor, she certainly won't know Loki, so maybe Loki's not so bad in this timeline?
That lines up with Sylvie pretty well, doesn't it? She knows she's adopted, we don't really see any mention of her Thor but presumably their relationship is better than 199999's Thor and Loki, it kind of lines up perfectly.
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2021.10.21 11:51 Louigilou2 The perfect recipe for a bad time

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2021.10.21 11:51 deadClifford Is euphoria ever a withdrawal symptom of citalopram/celexa?

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