Is there anything less frustrating? If I had just taken another 5 min walk around my house I could have gotten a perfect 7 week.

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2021.10.21 12:44 blammycuzzing Is there anything less frustrating? If I had just taken another 5 min walk around my house I could have gotten a perfect 7 week.

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2021.10.21 12:44 Background-Grab8487 [35/M] - Looking for Divorce buddy

The purpose of this post is to find a message buddy.
Offer support and confide on each other.
Bit like AA but for divorce, I don't care if you are male, female, gay, etc - Divorce is divorce
I am in the process of getting divorce as you know it's a roller coaster of emotions.
DM me.
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2021.10.21 12:44 gomagpye [TARGET] Nickelodeon All Star Brawl Nintendo Switch - $41.99 (-16%)

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2021.10.21 12:44 gomagpye [TARGET] Tony Hawks: Pro Skater 1 + 2 Xbox One - $33.99 (-15%)

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2021.10.21 12:44 gomagpye [TARGET] Subnautica: Below Zero PlayStation 4 - $24.99 (-17%)

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2021.10.21 12:44 gomagpye [TARGET] My Arcade Bases Loaded Portable Gaming System - $29.99 (-25%)

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2021.10.21 12:44 gomagpye [TARGET] Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time PlayStation 4 5 - $49.99 (-17%)

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2021.10.21 12:44 zargag Any help appreciated- I feel like this should be higher? Drivers? Plugins???

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2021.10.21 12:44 gotrails Red admiral butterfly

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2021.10.21 12:44 sarsapari11a Edita Vilkevičiūtė | for CUUP 2021

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2021.10.21 12:44 capacop TOTAL PACKAGE, RAW BLAZE FM 2004 (General LOK, Ivan'O and DJ Marsta)

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2021.10.21 12:44 AlexisDeniega Why 33% of the CR Fandom cant play Kingdom and/or Ovenbreak (does not include extras like the English dubs)

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2021.10.21 12:44 SpanishMeme En mi mente, se me pasa esta imagen

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2021.10.21 12:44 yeeyee_334 subreddit about changelings/other fantasy creatures? it had three capital letters and then 2-3 numbers afterwards i think, and the people there talked like they actually thought they were changelings??

example: OPF35
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2021.10.21 12:44 Rogue_Wulf Blood Bond

Can you tell that the mortal that you have feed from is Blood bond to another vampire?
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2021.10.21 12:44 evaxadam Finally made a transition

I am new to openSUSE and I've never used KDE much, so share tips about openSUSE and KDE to a new user if you can, much appreciated. Loving it so far.
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2021.10.21 12:44 Akis127 [SERIOUS] How to pass your time when you are leaving alone?

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2021.10.21 12:44 SpanishMeme Es complicado

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2021.10.21 12:44 PressureOk2579 Help [java]

so i play in 1.8 in lunar client and i cant see any skin of other players
so i went to normal launcher it showed all skins so pleaase help me
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2021.10.21 12:44 hoesomeslut Time of the year to remind ourselves not to hate on women expressing sexuality! (I drew this)

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2021.10.21 12:44 diverseMDCE Rant almost relapsed.

I'm new to this subreddit. I joined a couple of weeks ago and it motivated me to try nofap again (I tried many times before unsuccessfully ). The posts here and the stories help a lot especially the guys with big streaks and it motivated me to try again.
Since I started nofap and quit PMO I got a lot of free time I started reading books and kept telling myself I'm not trying to stop PMO, I HAVE STOPPED.
But today I don't know why but I watched some MA tv shows going for the sex scenes fooling myself that its not the same as porn and I kept watching other tv sex scenes for hours telling myself if I don't orgasm it's not fapping it's not porn lying to myself . I stopped now I didn't ejaculate. But I just feel like all the pride I was feeling this couple of weeks for doing nofap just vanished.
I will not give up!
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2021.10.21 12:44 DelightfulWhimsy ATEEZ Deja Vu - A Spotlight on Styling

I knew the Deja Vu styling was going to be impressive when the teasers came in the form of an audio trailer and preview MV that we had to cast votes for. I wasn’t quite prepared for how right I would be. ATEEZ took my breath away when I first watched Deja Vu. Firstly, I love the song, it’s seductive, cool and catchy. But the styling just grabs you and demands your attention. ATEEZ are captivating and alluring, and unapologetically so. Add to this mix mature, compelling, and intricate choreography and Deja Vu becomes an irresistible and unforgettable song and comeback.
Here I'll look at the styling through the comeback stages on music shows. The three sets of outfits that feature in the MV I’ll be writing about in detail, lots of detail. The other stages I’ll just give an overview. This post is really long. So, quick summary – Deja Vu was a magnificent comeback full of stylish, fascinating and cohesive outfits. If you read further, you might need a drink (or two) and snacks, and possibly an intermission, to make it through.
Showcase Stage – Formal ATEEZ - These stylish bespoke outfits are a sensational introduction to Deja Vu. They are each black and white, elegantly structured to suit the silhouette of each member and are connected by the use of silver or black beaded fringed trim (except for Hongjoong and Mingi – although there is footage of Mingi with beading in the Making of MV, and in some photos, so the intention was that only Hongjoong would be without these) The repeated use of satin, fabric covered buttons and cummerbunds adds to the cohesion of their appealing looks. Their makeup and hair colours have also been styled to complement the overall look. Hongjoong’s orange hair is the only bold introduced colour and serves as a focal point to emphasize that we are looking at sleek black and white styling (and that Hongjoong is really cool).
Hongjoong is the only one who wears black and white fabric together in the form of a black with a white pinstripe. His is a gorgeous traditional suit, worn with a double-breasted lapelled waistcoat. In the showcase he has his shirt tucked in, but in the MV and concept photos his shirt is loose on one side. The exposed white shirt gave more balance to the overall look while reminding us that Hongjoong makes everything he wears his own. Jongho wears a double-breasted jacket, with a softer shawl lapel. This has beading at the seam of the black and white fabric (and is the only other beading on these outfits) and by using the rounder lapel means that our eyes happily accept the wavy nature of this jacket. Wooyoung’s smart wrap jacket with contrasting lapels looks divine. Seonghwa’s cropped jacket where the lapels extended beyond its full length, suits him so well. Yoesang’s belted double-breasted jacket looks very smart and it’s nice to see him dressed in a suit. Yunho’s form fitting jacket has appealing shoulder detail and really takes advantage of his height, just as Mingi’s outfit does. However, Mingi is the only member wearing white pants and while his top may look simple, it has vents at the shoulders and buttons at the cuffs like the other jackets. San’s stunning outfit is a play on a vintage tuxedo with a mandarin collar and tail, and worn with a cummerbund, while his pants have a white satin stripe to emphasize the look.
Sleek Blue ATEEZ - 2nd stage Wow! I’d seen these outfits in the MV but seeing them here proved they look even more intriguing on stage. Firstly, what ties them together is the use of colour, the black and blue with a hint of white, and the use of the faux leathepleather fabric while maintaining their commitment to the silhouette of each member.
Hongjoong wears a stylish black short sleeve peek-a-boo top with blue pants that have a double zip front panel (with silver zips) instead of a standard fly. He wears a single black glove on his right arm. Yunho, as a contrast to Hongjoong, has peek-a-boo shoulders in his black shirt (remember too that Yunho's shoulders were accentuated in the showcase stage), one long sleeve, and a short sleeve with a black glove on his right arm too. Black pants complete his outfit. Jongho wears a cropped blue jacket over a black top with black pants. His jacket has a stylised front and is shaped at the sides to allow for movement. Mingi wears a black ensemble consisting of a short sleeve long coat, waistcoat and pants, and a glove on his right hand (like the others wearing gloves).
Wooyoung wears a classic black suit but underneath is a pretty, symmetrical patterned blue top, and the only pattern at play in these outfits. It is Wooyoung’s outfit with its mix of traditional and contemporary, that binds Yeosang, Seonghwa and San tops to the rest of the outfits. While not of the same fabric, it looks similar, and has a modern edge to it. San wears black pants and a fabulous, layered black and blue top with symmetrical cut outs and even though we don’t see skin like we do for Hongjoong and Yunho our brains remember that we have seen similar shapes to those on his top before, so they don’t stand alone but blend with these outfits, and the symmetry of Wooyoung’s top.
Seonghwa’s top is modern in its design too, and worn with black pants. This top also has symmetry, but by adjusting the zip openings this changes to being asymmetrical. And we need it to be asymmetrical because Yeosang’s top is asymmetrical too and these tops work with each other to provide balance. Seonghwa’s top is open at the neckline unevenly and Yeosang’s top is open at its bottom edge exposing his left side. Both tops are the only two that incorporate white fabric which also reminds us that they should be seen as complimentary to each other. Yeosang wears pants that are like Hongjoong’s too and a glove on his right hand. Add in some gorgeous, interesting pieces of jewellery, and this styling is extremely attractive and appealing.
Bedazzled Bikers ATEEZ - 2nd stage Firstly, let me say that bedazzled motorcycle wear might just be my new favourite concept. There must be a market for this! These outfits are amazing. The reason these outfits look so good together is the use of black and white, similarities in the silver embellishments, the recurring pattern of rectangular shapes/blocks and lines, and again maintaining the commitment to their silhouettes.
I’m so impressed by the use and restructuring of the branded motorcycle gear. Yunho’s jacket is the focal point here and the other outfits are built around it. Yunho’s jacket has had beading added to the sleeves in line with the striped detail that is already there. Yunho wears black leather pants too. Now here’s where it gets interesting (for me), Yeosang’s sleeveless top was a motorcycle jacket that has been significantly altered. They’ve retained the front panel with logo only, but completely redesigned the jacket around this, using new leather, having no sleeves, adding a belt, and embellishing the armholes at the shoulders, and underneath we see a sheer collar poking out from the jacket, and a matching sheer glove on his right arm. He wears black jeans to complete the look. Hongjoong’s jacket is fantastic. They’ve removed a sleeve from a jacket in the same range that Yunho wears, added the same beading, then incorporated it into a stunning, newly designed vest. He wears a sheer top with horizontal lines underneath that they’ve cleverly woven a chain through on the neckline, and black ripped jeans. This styling is brilliant.
San wears a beautifully beaded leather jacket, with a variety of different shaped beads forming an intricate pattern off his shoulders. His black jeans have silver trim down one side seam and a patch of white rectangular fabric has been added to his right pants leg to tie in with the white in the motorcycle jackets. Wooyoung’s leather jacket has clear blocks of rectangular beads on the sleeves and zips to emphasize the line of the body. His jeans have a small white rectangular patch too, to add to the cohesion of these outfits. Jongho’s jacket has trim at the sleeve opening that match Yeosang’s. Having this cap sleeve detail separate from the sleeve itself allows for room to move. Jongho has silver trim down the outside of his jeans and white rectangular patches on the sides of his jeans too. Mingi has the only other introduced colour wearing oversized ripped blue denim jeans. But denim fits right in here, as a complimentary look on Mingi who is rapping and this also accentuates his role. His leather vest with it’s embellished silver epaulettes, ties in perfectly with the other outfits. Seonghwa looks amazing. His relaxed fit jeans are teamed with a gorgeous, fitted and cropped leather vest. This vest is asymmetrical, has buttons, a carabiner clip and introduces some unexpected circular elements to the outfits. He wears a sheer black top underneath, with a high neck like Hongjoong’s and Yeosang’s. As some of the members wear rivetted belts, it becomes easy to match these accessories with studded items like Seonghwa’s, Hongjoong’s and Mingi’s studded bracelets and Jongho’s studded choker too. To cement the beauty of these outfits, San, Wooyoung and Yeosang wear silver chokers, and Mingi wears silver chains.
Seriously! ATEEZ Just when I thought ATEEZ couldn’t impress me more, they did! This styling is stunning, like gob-smackingly so! It’s no secret that I like men dancing in suits, but if ever anyone wanted proof, this is a clip I’d happily show. Here the stylists reinforce what we have already seen – the form, shape and silhouttes of each member by repeating, and building on similar styles they’ve worn previously in this comeback. With these outfits, they also play with a variety of fancy fabrics and textures for formal and eveningwear. Mingi looks magnificent in his sharp suit with a waistcoat. His shirt is the only white we see on stage and he has a short sheer glove on one hand. Jongho continues to impress with another formal look, and he looks sensational - all black suit/tux, waistcoat, black shirt with button down collar, black tie, tie pin, tie bar and pocket square. Hongjoong looks amazing, again (or should I say still), in a double-breasted black suit. Wooyoung wows us with an embellished lapel on the suit jacket that we know suits him so well, San stays in a cropped jacket, still with a cummerbund, and looks fantastic. Yeosang wears an attractive textured sleeveless top. Seonghwa has been gifted another stunning outfit. Sticking with the same form, he has a short jacket in a dark metallic tone, that covers a beautiful, beaded sheer lace top worn with a cummerbund. Yunho’s jacket is designed to provide a subtle point of difference, particularly as Seonghwa’s jacket is a step in colour toward the other black outfits. It is worthwhile choosing Yunho to wear something eyecatching because of his role in the centre of the stage. Then the stylist put many of the members in delicate body jewellery and fine sheer gloves. At the end of this clip Hongjoong has a killer wink because he knows just how good they are.
Rein It In Please ATEEZ Stop it ATEEZ! This isn’t fair. This is awesome styling! They’ve continued with some rolling themes, and added some frilled cuffs to their sleeves. This time Mingi is the only one wearing black in his shirt, and it has no frills or laces either unlike the others, and a black harness too. He wears black gloves on both arms while Yunho and Seonghwa wear one each. New Romantic Jongho wears the most structured outfit in a black waistcoat and pants with a long-sleeved shirt and ruffle tie. Hongjoong wears pants that have a look we’ve seen previously with a double front but this time there are buttons instead of zips. His top laces up, and his harness cleverly uses the same criss-cross pattern. Yunho’s frilled neck shirt has lacing on the right shoulder so his harness is asymmetrical and covers his left shoulder. San’s harness has symmetry and covers his shirt well. Yeosang flashes the harness he’s wearing under his shirt. Wooyoung wears a white peak-a-boo top and we’ve seen this before, with a lace up harness belt. But it is Seonghwa’s corset over the single sleeved pin tucked shirt that is the statement piece here.
Nouveaux Biker ATEEZ These fabulous, modern, futuristic outfits are so cleverly designed and build on themes we’ve already seen. ATEEZ all wear leather pants, with and without cummerbunds. Mingi continues to wear a long coat but this time it has been stylised to mimic a coat on one side and a short jacket on the other, and did you notice the carabiner clip? This is the only jacket across every stage that has contrasting buttons on the sleeves. He is the only one in gloves, but this time they are white. Jongho again wears layers and his vest has a carabiner clip too (Seonghwa also had one on his biker vest previously) with a satin cummerbund (which reminds us of the formalwear), and both he and Mingi have black tops underneath their jackets. Yeosang has the single sleeve this time, and a peek-a-boo top with the cut outs we already know. Now Wooyoung has contrasting sleeves, and here we’re reminded of Hongjoong’s motorcycle sleeve because of the leather and the shape. San looks as sharp as ever and has a very clean look. We also have some new design elements introduced with these outfits, using laces, toggles and fasteners. Of course, Yunho, the centre, wears a symmetrical top and while the cut outs are not in the same place as they were for his black shirt previously, this is still a reference to them. Hongjoong’s stylish top has two different coloured sleeves, cut outs, and introduces ‘D’ rings that lead chains to a belt across his body. Seonghwa’s sensational black and red peek-a boo top has been pieced together with hook and eye tape and maintains his form fitting look.
Security Detail ATEEZ I like this collection the least because of the bulk that has been added to some of the outfits which then changes the shape and form of the members from what we have seen previously. Throughout the comeback stages there has been an expectation that the outfits would follow everyone’s silhouette but this doesn’t happen well enough here. Even though these outfits look good individually, collectively they don’t completely follow the Deja Vu concept. Starting with Yunho, his multi pocket, over-sized bomber jacket that keeps being moved on and off his shoulders, is too bulky and changes his shape. The white shirt, black tie and simple symmetrical harness look good but they are overshadowed by the jacket. (Petition to put this man in a sharp suit jacket please.) Mingi looks great, especially his hair, makeup and sunglasses, and I can understand using the pocketed chest harness over his top but the cargo pants are one pocket too many. I’d also argue that the bulkiness in Wooyoung’s top would not be there but for the added harness. These three outfits are designed to complement each other, and if I had not seen any other Deja Vu stages I would not be as exacting, but on this stage they are somewhat disappointing. Now to what we know works, Jongho and Hongjoong in jackets, and these are very similar jackets too, with the major difference in the textured fabric. San has his sunglasses on at night on the back of his head and wears a sleeveless, fitted vest, with a holster harness that sits relatively flatly at the sides of the body. Yeosang is in a gorgeous top with a single long sleeve again, and exposed left side like his blue outfit earlier. Seonghwa stands out again in a suit jacket with a silver top underneath. However, I wonder if there is a suggested narrative on this stage that relates to ATEEZ lore.
Cabaret ATEEZ I wrote about this stage at the time I saw it so I’m just expanding on those ideas here.
This is cool styling. They've made a deliberate choice to opt for black gloves instead of suit jackets here. While suit jackets are always going to be my preference for a sharp look, the use of gloves here adds glamour to this clean look. Once again we are following the silhouettes of the members. Hongjoong and Jongho are in white waistcoats with black ties done up reminding us that they have worn suits previously. Noticeably, Hongjoong wears the only white socks on stage. The three tallest men wear loose fitting ties. Yunho, the man of balance does just that. Seonghwa wears a fitted shirt and a black choker too. San shirt is also fitted with a high neck, as we’ve seen before, but he wears a black bolo tie. Interestingly, the glove on San’s right hand is missing two fingers, and he is the only one who wears gloves of different lengths. Mingi’s is wearing two layers of fabric, or two white shirts, and they are done up unevenly at the collar and left loose and untucked on one side which provides a subtle point of difference. Wooyoung has a simple loose v-neck top worn with a black choker that has exposed ties, which looks very pretty. Yeosang has the only shirt with a black collar and does not wear a tie, and by now we expect his shirt to be revealing. At first glance, this stage may look like a simple approach to their styling, but it has been very well considered.
I have deliberately left out their performances on Sketchbook, Weekly Idol, Idol League as these were variety shows and while these outfits have a more relaxed, casual vibe, they have been very well chosen for each member, using the recurring themes we know and also reflect the song and choreography. Their outfits also suit the shows they appear on.
ATEEZ creative team value styling and fashion. They have trusted some very talented, innovative designers and stylists to create a number of smart, elegant and imaginative outfits across the Deja Vu and Eternal Sunshine comeback stages. There are obvious differences between these two songs, their choreography, the MV’s and the styling. Deja Vu is full of bespoke garments, Eternal Sunshine utilises ready to wear fashion. Deja Vu favours single, strong blocks of colours, Eternal Sunshine is a rainbow of colours and patterns. Deja Vu follows the silhouettes of each member, Eternal Sunshine uses a variety of fits. There are many other noticeable differences too, and the beauty of this styling is looking for them. There have been some fun and informative posts about Eternal Sunshine so I won’t be exploring these outfits but suffice to say these stages were a fabulous contrast to the Deja Vu stages, and both very entertaining.
Obviously I could have added even more detail, but these are just my ideas about the styling of ATEEZ. I am fascinated by how garments are designed, made, put together and styled. More specifically, I'm interested in bespoke and custom made clothes and it is that curiosity that drew me to the Deja Vu comeback (and the fact that ATEEZ are fierce, irresistible and engaging artists).
That’s a wrap! ATEEZ have skilfully and cleverly epitomised the Deja Vu concept by maintaining consistent themes, silhouettes, shapes, fabrics and textures in their styling. We can watch each of these as stand-alone stages but knowing that they all relate to each other is admirable styling and gives us something to look forward to as we follow the comeback. Being aware of, or knowing to look for the similarities and connections between these outfits also means they become more interesting, and even when we don’t like them, we can still appreciate their style and function. Thank you to the stylists and creative teams that conceived and created the Deja Vu concept so that ATEEZ could embody their vision with such passion, clarity and beauty. I have loved this comeback!
Please share your favourite outfit or stage, or ideas about Deja Vu.
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2021.10.21 12:44 Madmae16 Where did your cat come from?

I love hearing cats stories. From the ones who waltz right into your house and claim it as their own to the standard shelter adoption, I want to know how you and your fur baby came together. Please include pictures if possible 😻
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2021.10.21 12:44 The-Techie Top-Up Round Vault Crypto Exchange FTX's Valuation To $25B

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