According to the new 2020 census, the under-18 population decreased by 1 million in the US. Where can I find out which states lost or gained the under-18 population?

2021.09.26 16:58 heartoodiscus According to the new 2020 census, the under-18 population decreased by 1 million in the US. Where can I find out which states lost or gained the under-18 population?

It should give some indication as to which states have more environments more conducive to raising a family.
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2021.09.26 16:58 kwamzilla Looking for a Josefin Sans alternative?

Hey all,
Working on a project and Josefin Sans is an almost perfect font, but it's also very common - so I'm looking for an alternative. Ideally something with multiple font-weights and under the OFL, but I realise that the OFL part may be ambitious. I've been searching FontEsk and had no luck so far.
Can anyone help e with some suggestions?
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2021.09.26 16:58 fresh-dd 😱😱😱😱😱

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2021.09.26 16:58 s3m1f64 am i god?

the title
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2021.09.26 16:58 ryanpmat Any good recommendations for a HT doctor in Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona or LA?

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2021.09.26 16:58 ravens40 Blood Conscious

Has anyone seen this yet? It has an Evil Dead vibe to it and I would recommend it. It has its flaws but overall it is enjoyable. Can anyone explain the ending to me? I did not understand it.
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2021.09.26 16:58 Nemo-504 Anything Under $50 for LCID I will continue Buying, ready for more to be made so I can purchase one in a few years 💪⬆️

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2021.09.26 16:58 tahopg Xbox one Stadia

I recently switched to Stadia for Fifa 22 and am excited to play the Next Gen game without having to buy a new console. I saw a post that you can run Stadia on the Xbox one X. Does this mean i could play the next gen game on a previous console? Do you think the game would play on its xbox one x state or give me next gen gameplay through stadia
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2021.09.26 16:58 HIS_FATTY_PUBIS Cat-ch and Release - this amazing cycling suit:

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2021.09.26 16:58 throwaway2224452 Wore Fitbit to bed, no measurements.

Anyone have this happen last night?
Maybe my Fitbit 3 is dying now?
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2021.09.26 16:58 Volchonochec Fuuka and Makoto

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2021.09.26 16:58 Narrow-Resist-535 How is this even possible 😳 corruption continues

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2021.09.26 16:58 -Hello-_-World- Trying out wildlife photography. What the fuck is this? [Trail Cam] Delta 3200 pulled 3 stops

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2021.09.26 16:58 threedogcircus Beautiful penmanship

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2021.09.26 16:58 CheesecakeIsGodlike I got a new OP build you all should try for Galio mid :D

I started playing a lot of Galio mid in ranked, I’m high gold low plat elo in ranked, and high plat low diamond elo in normals (judged from my opponents). With this build I have spammed every game I currently have 75% winrate, and consistently highest damage on team every game. Other than just dealing damage the extremely high ability haste in this build allows for insane crowd control in teamfights, I hope you will consider to try it out :)
Items in buy order:
Night Harvester:
Rush Night Harvester, it's insanely good, deal 3k-4k damage every game for me, and gives very good gap close, also the ability haste secondary stat is very good since ability haste is godlike on Galio
Sorc Shoes:
Since we don't have hextech Rocketbelt for Magic Pen, sorc shoes are a must.
Cosmic Drive:
As mentioned, ability haste is insane on Galio, this one gives 40 which is incredibly much, after this item you will have 41% cdr, other than ability haste health is good, it gives a lot of AP and the 20 movement speed are also very good for gap close.
Usually at this point in the game I’m extremely ahead, and can therefore build Deathcap with no worries, if not ahead buy alternative items before Deathcap:
Alternative items:
That's kind of the core build, it's extremely op. For items after I usually build depending on their team. Void staff is often good, since we don’t have Rocketbelt, Zhonyas is a solid choice too, Morello for grievous, you get the point, you guys can build whatever here.
The usual Aftershock and sorceror secondary rune page. I like Gathering storm instead of Nimbus cloak. I don’t personally experience mana issues with the build, but if you do pick Manaflow Band. Transcendence is a must.
How to use:
Play it like you would usually play Galio mid. Go in, E, passive, W (full charge), Q, Passive, if they are super low I will ignite and stick to them, if not I will disengage and do it over again 10 seconds later and then get the kill.
The build shines when chasing. When chasing E dash closer and hit Q. The Q hit will prog Night Harvester and the extra movement speed can then be used to reach them with W, when you reach them with W you already have the other abillities left cause all the abillity haste.
After core you can either build tanky or more damage depending on taste.
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2021.09.26 16:58 NAYARDROX How can I free more space?

I've deleted most of my apps, half of my photos, and uninstalled some of my drawings, I don't know more ways to free up space. I'm trying to get the iOS 15 update but it always says storage full.
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2021.09.26 16:58 GeneralTwelve Why are Astronauts dissapearing?

It's one of the Claims made by FlatEarthers, on some videos from ISS, Astronauts dissapear during moving away from screen. What is the explaination?.
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2021.09.26 16:58 Uranday Should I wait for dream router?

Currently I have an old mikrotik router together with two different ubiquity Accespoint. One is end of life. I want to upgrade my network because sometimes things go haywire.. Mostly during teams business calls or during shooters... Both very annoying. I was thinking about a dream machine pro, but it is placed in the corner of my living room (where the cable comes in the house) and any noise will trigger the missus... So I was thinking about a unify dream machine, a switch and a new access point. So at least, when things go wrong I can see what is going on. But when I was looking into everything I saw the dream router announcement. In your opinion, should I wait for the router? I would use routing, VPN and dpi/threat management. I will not use the camera or phone options.
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2021.09.26 16:58 duermando I want to take a moment to gush over this amazing music video from Mashrou Leila.

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2021.09.26 16:58 rooocgg My First 5 Kasrkin, C&C v welcome!

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2021.09.26 16:58 ThrowAwaytheF [A4A] Enthusiastic, detailed, novella writer with a diverse range of OC's for you to browse. Have a look, pick your poison, and hit my DM!

Greetings. I’ll keep it simple, and lay out the basics of myself, and my writing expectations, then dive into a bit more detail.
About me:
PST time zone
Roleplaying for 9 years
Busy as a mf with my real life so please don’t pester me, patience is a virtue.
OOC friendly
LGBT+ friendly (IC & OOC)
About my writing:
3rd person
Past tense
Average 600-880 words, but can range from 200-3k. Won't be keeping a strict count, but you have to give me enough to work with.
Novella style writing is a must
Discord or GoogleDocs, heavy preference for GDocs
3-4 day response time, but could very well be longer. I generally try and get a response out at least once a week, and I put my all into it. I’ll do my best to match whatever length you’re comfortable with, but I am pretty long winded. I’m sporadic, if you want guaranteed daily or rapid fire, seek elsewhere.
No fandom
No furries
No art/anime face-claims.
Image references for outfits, homes, cars, clubs, etc. are favored, but not required so long as you can paint a decent picture with your words.
Onto the OC’s!
-Male, 19th century southern vampire/werewolf/witch hunter, blonde pretty-boy, 27 years old, addict, generally wholesome guy, albeit a bit self-centered, lawful neutral, true switch, cisgender, heterosexual, virgin. Cancer sun, Pisces rising, Sagittarius moon.
-Male, 470 year old vampire appearing 29, legitimate toxic sociopath, blonde pretty-boy, crime lord, big city life, can fit into a variety of time periods from late 1600’s to near future, lawful evil, aggressive top dom, cisgender, bisexual. Capricorn sun, Scorpio rising, Aquarius moon.
-Male, 28 year old half-elf, can fit into a variety of high-fantasy settings, kind of an asshole but has a secretly big heart, trust issues, angst, blonde pretty-boy, chaotic neutral, top-leaning switch, cisgender, bisexual. Pisces sun, Libra rising, Pisces moon.
-Male, 200 something years old, crime lord, pretty toxic, flexible on settings and fantasy or not, mostly SoL stuff, lots of action oriented plots, borderline sociopath with some legitimate humanity able to be pulled to his surface, dark haired pretty-boy, aggressive top dom, neutral evil, cisgender, homosexual. Gemini sun, Cancer rising, Cancer moon.
-Male, 19th century, 29 years old, renowned Swedish traveling doctoprofessor, a bit reserved, obsessive about his research, slow burn spiral into insanity, blonde pretty-boy, true switch, lawful neutral, cisgender, heterosexuall. Aquarius sun, rising, and moon.
-Female, 23, 19th century or modern, cunning, mischievous, bratty, indifferent, hopeless romantic, loves to read, pretty blonde woman, switch leaning sub, chaotic neutral, cisgender, bicurious, virgin. Cancer sun, Gemini rising, Libra moon.
-Female, 27, anywhere from Medieval to modern, tough, guarded, curious, cunning, hates gender binaries, doesn’t gaf what you think and will likely actively defy your instructions, pretty dark haired woman, top switch, chaotic good, non-binary, bisexual, virgin. Aries sun, Sagittarius rising, Scorpio moon.
I’d love to develop a plot together with any of these OC’s, but it needs to fit the time period requirements and their personalities are generally unwavering. I wont try and squish my tops into your sub-bottom roles, and I won’t make my chaotic neutrals into lawful goods for you. As you noticed, some of them are really flexible on time-periods. All real-life faceclaims. All with character backgrounds, most include heavy NPC interaction in their stories. I’m willing to sort of “GM” our story and go hard af with the NPC’s, I don’t mind taking that load, though I also don’t mind you handling the reigns, too. I’m a major world builder, I expect you to carry some, but I go pretty hard and don’t mind doing a lot of it. It just sort of happens when I write, anyway.
That said, I’m completely open to creating a new NPC as well, if you’d like any of the NPC themes but don’t necessarily vibe with any of the actual characters.
Please read this entire ad before you reach out to me. If I can tell you haven’t, I will redirect you back here before proceeding with any conversation.
I like romance, but I like plots that aren’t strictly one genre. I adore dark story lines, but for immersion's sake and burn-out prevention, I need a healthy balance of action, drama, angst, SoL, fluff, and I generally enjoy some type of fantasy and supernatural/horror element. I have little to no interest in non-fantasy, non-supernatural storylines. As far as romance goes, I’m alright with quick or slow burn, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, instant lovers, lovers to enemies to lovers, etc. the one thing I ask is that our characters are strangers when they meet. I want to see how they mesh and grow together (or apart).
I like to write smut, but I’m typically not extremely graphic or crude when doing so. I don’t mind smut-heavy plots, but I need a lot of plot to go with it, too. So, if we go that route, the smut needs to add to the story, and there needs to be some sort of balance, whether the plot/smut ratio is 60/40, 80/20, 70/30, etc. I’m alright with fade to black as long as you’re good at driving an interesting, engaging plot. I’m going to include other adult themes, too. Details and limits can be discussed in private.
I’m open to starting with writing out a small scene together after exchanging conversation in DM’s, to see how compatible we’d be as writers. Then, we could continue on the same vein or start somewhere else. If we have an immediate vibe, though, I’m okay with jumping right into plotting.
If you’re interested, send me a writing sample, information about you along with your writing style and preferences, and which OC or plot interests you.
Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you.
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2021.09.26 16:58 toptoyouyoutube Tech is expensive! Ways you're wasting money and smart fixes to save | Fox News

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2021.09.26 16:58 orangevg [TOTD 2021-09-26] Italian is the official language of what four countries?

Italian is the official language of what four countries?
1 point
Give feedback on this question!
We are always looking for moderators! Apply here!
This is a new question for today because the last one was unintentionally too easy
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2021.09.26 16:58 sebu03 Tiltle

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2021.09.26 16:58 stevewest420 No HDMI signal

I am trying to use my Xbox series x with Samsung QE50N94 tv, the Xbox says the tv is good for 4K at 120fps but every time I switch it onto 120fps the screen starts flashing on and off and then says there is no HDMI signal and continues flashing. I have VRR switched off and YCC 4:2:2 enabled, I can now achieve 60fps with 4K after changing these two settings but I cannot get it to work at 120fps, has anyone else had this issue and knows a way to solve it? Also the tv and Xbox are fully updated to latest versions
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