What buttons bring up the chat box for PS4?

2021.09.26 18:18 AndarielAloy What buttons bring up the chat box for PS4?

I've tried everything and I can't figure out how to send text chats within the game on PS4. Google is very unhelpful but a party mate just sent simple commands like "follow me" so how do I access these?
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2021.09.26 18:18 Xx_Peeman_xX The w

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2021.09.26 18:18 Atlas-Castle How's everyone doing? - Celebrating Sunday with my favourite duet. The Elektron Digitakt is running vocals samples + Drums, while the Circuit Tracks handle the bass and pad. I'm definitely overusing the Side-chain FX on the CT. I can't get enough of it apparently 🤦‍♂️.

How's everyone doing? - Celebrating Sunday with my favourite duet. The Elektron Digitakt is running vocals samples + Drums, while the Circuit Tracks handle the bass and pad. I'm definitely overusing the Side-chain FX on the CT. I can't get enough of it apparently 🤦‍♂️. submitted by Atlas-Castle to Elektron [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 18:18 RichRy I thought ironmen were meant to be spoons? Wheres mine? Im hungry!

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2021.09.26 18:18 RemyTheBanana Halftime thread

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2021.09.26 18:18 destinys_embrace Thoughts on this Potential Leak for Sora Being in Smash?

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2021.09.26 18:18 No-Acanthaceae-9749 Every Friday, There Is Forced-Harvesting Of Human Organs In Maine.

Every Friday, there is forced-harvesting of human organs in Augusta, Maine. The Maine National Guard is in on it and I am going to put a end to it. I am expecting other-worldly creatures are being fed human organs. The courthouse is going to be shot up! I intend to take two hundred rounds in the head! If you are keeping records for me, my legal gunfight against harvesting organs will be the greatest single action in American criminal history. The time is nearing! I only hear noises in the woods to the side. The time has come! I think something is hunting me.
Saturday, July 17: The gunfight was terrific. On the third shot I killed the gunman who tried to ambush me in the woods. Right away I went on a shooting spree through every one of the soldiers who had participated in the execution of human rights. I had planned the murder of my assailants. I used weapons taken in the murder of soldiers. For those keeping records, I have stopped the hunt for human organs. The Maine National Guard has had more than a week to secure the area of the execution but they do not even try. The area is deserted, the time is running out. Even the media and the soldiers are reporting no unusual activity.
Monday, July 19: The media continue to ignore the atrocities at Rene' Land and at Augusta. There is not a word on my action. Instead, the only things being reported are the fact that I have turned up more and more human organs. They are being transferred to Portland for experimental analysis.
It seems that the creatures were fed human organs by one of the soldier-executioners. There are no more traces of me anywhere, but I fear the worst is yet to come. If you are keeping records for me, I want you to go back in time to last Wednesday afternoon and report that I was in prison in Augusta at the time. I have decided that this will be the beginning of the end for all the evil on Earth. Today the Maine National Guard came to my cell to kill me. They fired about 150 rounds at me. The time has come! The time is coming! The countdown has begun. I have decided to set fire to my body. So now I wait. This is it. This is the end.
"I have no further information on the case. I'm sorry." Shannon had no further information to offer about the case he'd been assigned. He'd gone through the list of possible perpetrators and eliminated several of them as possible killers of Lyle Kenyon because of their lack of time to travel to Augusta and execute Lyle. Of the four people left, Shannon thought that two were implausible. The fact that they'd planned their activities so carefully had eliminated them from suspicion. The one remaining possibility was... Dr. Eric Staley.
Dr. Eric Staley was the psychiatrist for the mental ward. While on the ward, he'd treated Lyle during his second week there. Dr. Staley had spent a lot of time with Lyle after his violent episode. And there were just too many reasons to suspect him. First of all, he'd seen all the signs that Lyle was planning something before Lyle came to the hospital. Dr. Staley had known that Lyle was crazy and he'd let him get away with things that he would have been legally obligated to stop. He'd known that Lyle's behavior had increased in a violent way during the first weeks of his stay, but he'd seen nothing to trigger his warning.
It was Dr. Staley's job to detect people who might be on the edge of going crazy and refer them to the ward's mental health department. When the time came for Lyle to leave the hospital, it was Dr. Staley who said goodbye to him. Lyle, though never fully coherent, remembered the visit. He'd been depressed before that time. Now, he couldn't believe that the doctor had meant it when he said goodbye. Lyle was obsessed with Eric Staley. Lyle couldn't stop talking about him and the doctor. When the doctor would be available, Lyle would watch for him.
Lyle hated the thought that the doctor was in the habit of coming home at night. Lyle knew that the doctor never went out at night, but he felt compelled to follow the doctor everywhere he went. Once, Lyle found himself waiting in front of Dr. Staley's house. He'd stood there watching his home until it was after midnight. The next day, Lyle searched the town. He couldn't find Dr. Staley. When he started hearing things about the doctor, he figured the doctor had gone insane. There were all sorts of strange things about the doctor. Lyle wondered why Eric Staley seemed to have secret meetings with people at night. And, he wondered what could possibly be the reason why Eric Staley was taking note of his visits to and from the mental hospital.
Lyle wanted to go to the doctor and tell him to stop the secrets. But, he just didn't know how. Lyle went on to realize, though, that the doctor was afraid. He was afraid to go to the police. If the doctor went to the police, they would find out he was sick. Lyle was never able to get the doctor to tell him why he was afraid. After a while, the phone rang. It was Lyle's mother. She was worried about him. Lyle didn't answer the phone. After several calls, Lyle's mother left a message. Lyle called her back. Lyle never did tell her what was wrong. Lyle's mother, not having any other news, would not have known what to do. She finally went to the hospital and spoke to Lyle's father.
Lyle, it turned out, had been visiting the state penitentiary. Lyle was in a bit of trouble. He had gotten into a fight with some of the other prisoners. He had hit one of them pretty hard. The police had been called. They had come and arrested Lyle. They took him to jail. Lyle was put in a cell and locked in. The cops told him he was going to have to wait for a court date. Lyle was not happy about being in jail. Lyle finally saw an officer named Officer Miller. Lyle tried to explain that he didn't do anything. But, Officer Miller would have none of it. Lyle went back to his cell and the rest of the night passed. During the night, Lyle had time to think. He was getting his ass beat. And, then, a curious thing happened.
Lyle felt like he was the crazy one. That he was crazy for running away. But, after thinking about it, Lyle realized that maybe he wasn't crazy. Maybe Eric Staley and Eric Wainwright were crazy. Lyle had run away because he was scared to stay in town. If he went to the hospital and saw his mother, his mother would know that he had been in a fight. And, if she told the cops, they might arrest him. But, there was a worse place for him to be. In jail. Lyle was beginning to feel like the crazy one. In jail. When he woke up the next morning, the day of the trial, Lyle saw that he was still in the same cell. Lyle got his breakfast. The food was pretty good. As he ate, Lyle heard a loud boom. Lyle's heart stopped.
He had been listening to this loud boom every day since he arrived. Today, though, he thought he had heard it once too often. Then, the boom sounded again. And again. The noises continued. Lyle felt the cold, icy, steel bars pressing into his back. Lyle knew that whatever was happening, it was not good. Lyle looked over his shoulder and saw two men standing at the bars, watching him. One man was dressed in a black suit. The other man was wearing prison clothes. They both looked like they had come from a war. Lyle was trembling. He wanted to run to the shower. He wanted to get out of there, no matter how. But, Lyle knew he had nowhere to go.
He was going to have to endure another morning in the cell. Lyle sat in the metal chair and tried to think about how he was going to get out of the cell. He knew that he would never get out by his own efforts. No matter how hard he tried, he would never be able to lift himself off the floor. Lyle sat in the chair and realized that the two men who stood at the bars were guards. "Guard!" Lyle yelled. "Please, guard! Help me! I'm hurt." One of the guards turned away and began to shout something at the other guard. "Guard, guard, help me!" Lyle yelled. The guard who had turned away started down the hallway. "Stop! You can't go! You can't leave me in here," Lyle shouted.
Lyle looked around and saw the other guard running down the hallway. The guard looked confused. Then, he heard a scream. He looked up and saw the two men wrestling on the ground. The one man was stronger and had pushed the other guard into the wall. "Guard! Guard!" Lyle shouted. The guard who had taken off turned and saw the commotion. He rushed over to help his comrade. Lyle watched the commotion with a mixture of panic and fear. The guards helped the fallen man to his feet. He stumbled and looked over at Lyle. "We'll take care of you, OK?" the guard said. "You just sit tight and we'll be right back." "No, no. I need a doctor!" Lyle said. "We'll get you taken care of, OK? I'll get the doctor for you," the guard said, turning back to his partner. "We'll be right back, OK? You just sit tight." Lyle shook his head. He didn't understand. He looked down at the cot. At least he could still lie down. The wall seemed to have given way beneath him. The bars above him shook as the two guards ran away down the hallway.
It took a couple of minutes for the guards to return. The two guards carried the one man with the broken arm between them. "Please, help me!" Lyle shouted. "I can't get out! I can't move!" The guards ignored him. They carried the man with the broken arm over to another cot and set him down. "I need to go to the bathroom," the man said as they passed him. "There's blood running down my leg." "What about your head?" one of the guards said. "It hurts." The guards turned their backs on him and walked away. They didn't come back. Lyle was left to stand there in the cell. He continued to stare at the torn and cracked plaster ceiling as his heart pounded. He could barely stand to look at it.
The next two weeks flew by. No more meals were sent to his cell, but on occasion, a man would visit. Each man was permitted only three visits. He could have up to three visits a week. In the rare case where he was ever granted an additional visit, that was an exception. He usually would not receive an additional visit until he had passed the first two days. If he hadn't received an additional visit by the third day, then he would be taken to the bathroom for a "test." The "test" involved having his head cleaned by an inmate who was called the "cleaner."
Lyle never did see the inside of the "cleaners" cell, but he heard the sounds and the moaning of the "cleaners" in the bathroom. It was their job to get rid of the prisoner's human waste, but Lyle never received anything. They just stood and watched him, then they laughed. The visits he did receive were with an inmate from his cell block named Frank. The man called himself an actor. He had performed as an actor before the war, but had lost his voice due to one of the gas attacks. He wasn't all that interesting, but Lyle didn't care.
He sat in a corner, on the bare concrete floor, by the bars, and he read. "Tell me about yourself, prisoner." "I'm from the Bronx. A family name." "Do you have a girl?" "A few." "Who are you going to marry?" "I don't know. Maybe, if I get lucky, it will be you." "I've only been with two men, so I'll probably have to make room for a third." "And I would be your first." "No. I've been with other women, but I've never had an affair." "Are you still a virgin?" "Not yet. I have something for you." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a gold chain. "This is my birthstone. I had a girlfriend who had a cat who gave birth to it, and it's shaped like a diamond." "Oh, that's lovely." "I've worn it before." "That's my favorite thing. You shouldn't have bothered. The war's ruined everything." "You can't have it." "I know. It's only a piece of junk. But it's very beautiful."
"If I get to a free hospital, I can fix it for you." "Thanks, but it won't do me any good. My leg's infected and I'll be dead soon. I've had gangrene. I'm not worth much." "Don't say that. I was on the train when it stopped. People were throwing mattresses out. It was packed. I think everyone made it." "The lights went out." "I had a nightmare when it happened. I was freezing and everyone in the train went mad. I had to find something to cover myself." "Where were you going?" "England." "I used to go there. We had to leave our pets behind when we went, though.
All our friends came back with parakeets. It's strange—everyone's friends now." "I'm sorry. I'm a terrible friend. I'm always being selfish." "You couldn't have known. What's the name of your son? Who'll care about him?" "William." "I've got a son too. He's not named William, but he's called Roger." "We could be twins. I wonder." "I suppose we're the only ones left." He looked at her. "Did you make it home?" "No, I got turned around. I had to walk back to the docks." "I hope they took care of you. It's good of you to look after me. If you hadn't come along, I'd probably have been out on the street by now." He nodded, and put his coat around her shoulders. The wind picked up, and then down. "It's not raining now," she said. The streetlights lit the pavement and the water of the river and they watched the small black shapes float and swirl in the flood, and the long lines of brown rats slipping through the water like flotsam.
In the dark, the sea had a yellow color, like honey. A thin breeze sprang up, and the fog of night shifted, so they could see the lights of the great river. The two of them stood close together in the dark. Her face and neck and the tops of her ears were cold, but she was shivering with delight. His face was barely visible in the night. He held her shoulders. "Is it me?" she asked. "You're still afraid of me?" "Yes." She touched the scar on his cheek, the white streak where it had been cut open. "No," she said. "Not anymore." When she woke, the night had turned clear. He stood at the window, and for a long time he stared out at the sea, and watched the great pale water rise and fall, rise and fall, the waves rushing into the harbour and falling back. He lay with her in the bed, and she didn't move, as if she were content to stay awake and watch him.
When he took his clothes off and climbed into the bed, she took his face in her hands and turned it to her. "My God, you're cold," he said, and ran his hands over her body, running his fingers into her hair, cupping her breasts, licking her face. "I've been hungry all day. I've been starving." She rolled away and stretched her arms above her head. She yawned, and tried to roll back. He reached for her and held her down. "No," he said. "You'll never get up if I don't get inside you." She stretched again, her mouth dry. She smiled. "I won't think you're eating a woman's heart when you take me," she said. "If I am, it's not for myself, it's for you." He touched her hair, and she didn't fight him.
He lay on top of her, his knees straddling her body, and as he entered her she reached up to hold him there. She waited until the moment was right, and the pleasure caught her by surprise. She had never felt such pleasure in her life, such power, such glory. The room became lit with her ecstasy. She had an orgasm with a force that could kill a man. And when it was done, she lay there panting, and waited for him to come with her. At last he did. She held him tightly and they did not stop kissing. It was like the new beginning of a new day. "My favorite new day," he said, "the one you will not forget." "I don't care," she said, "not about today." "Not even about tomorrow?" he asked. "What does tomorrow matter?" she said. "No," he said, "I won't let it." "Not even if I'm not all right?" she said. He smiled. "If you don't like it tomorrow, we'll do it again today." "And how would you have that?" she said. "It's my job," he said. "It's what I'm paid to do." She rolled over to face him. "It's enough," she said. "I won't even argue."
Eileen went home feeling better than she had in months. That afternoon she got down on her knees in the living room and thanked God. She felt an incredible sense of freedom. Perhaps that was what her prayers were leading her toward. Her feelings were beginning to take on a new simplicity. For the first time since Roger had come to her, she felt as though she might get to the bottom of the mess she was in. If she could be forgiven her sin, she could move on with her life. Perhaps there was a little something she could learn from God after all. Maybe if she did, she would be able to understand the reasons for her fall. She went into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of cold wine. The sun was setting in a sky of purples and reds, and her hair shone with the brilliance of a halo. She began to feel that in her confusion she had forgotten what it was like to laugh.
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2021.09.26 18:18 CristopherSilva River Flows in You - Yiruma \\ Piano Cover (1 Year Piano Progress)

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2021.09.26 18:18 Enj1niA23 You can do this?

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2021.09.26 18:18 Matter_Important Life or death situation...

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2021.09.26 18:18 JordynOlyvia Cleopatra

Is she a goddess I can pray to? I really love her, but not sure if she is someone I can pray to since idk if she has an astral body!
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2021.09.26 18:18 u-copycat Can a machine be a CSS artist?

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2021.09.26 18:18 jbdsgym Air Jordan 1 Mid “Tan Gum” First Look and Release date Confirmed…

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2021.09.26 18:18 Letitfly84 Sanoa Island , Dominican Republic

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2021.09.26 18:18 NateTerrarian2 You found a tape. It seems someone is trying to mimic someone who used to post here.

"So... its been a while..."
"This sub is dead, my user is the only one that posts, their art sucks, and they are procrastinative. They wanted me to say that."
"THSC community is starting to fade, as the excitement of Deltarune Chapter 2 begins. Seriously tho how was the extremely complicated genocide route found in like 2 days?"
"I also have some good news. Del- wait nevermind, my user defeated jevil and Christmas is soon! Wait that's bad"
"Lastly, my user is 11, too young to use reddit. I hope someone finds this tape."
"From Nate Vortex Terrarian"
PS. If you're hearing this, please tell me. I really want to know that this sub isn't dead.
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2021.09.26 18:18 simplypropertybc Gutter cleaning info.

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2021.09.26 18:18 escodelrio Cryptocurrency Makes Money Fun!

Most of my life I never really paid attention to money or investing, but I decided to get out of debt and once I did I naturally had more disposable income. I decided to hop on the cryptocurrency bandwagon and then I discovered something: crypto makes money FUN!
Reading up on the purpose of cryptos like BTC, ETH, & ADA (among others) really opened my eyes to a lot of the flaws and problems with the fiat system. I have enjoyed listening to podcasts about crypto and reading the various subreddits. I have learned how to use a hardware wallet and got a metal seed backup case. I learned to stake coins. This has all been educational and just plain fun. I have never gotten this excited about my bank account or my Roth IRA. 😂
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2021.09.26 18:18 Peter_____Parker Really struggling how to progress this painting

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2021.09.26 18:18 u-copycat AWS AppSync ToDo APIs with AWS Lambda Resolvers using Serverless Framework

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2021.09.26 18:18 Lordspyder Amazon Preorders

Is there any word on when those of us that preordered through Amazon will get the steam codes? Will it be early enough to pre download?
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2021.09.26 18:18 Potential_Corgi_765 Night At The Sea - Light to strong ocean wave sounds for relaxation, studying or meditation

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2021.09.26 18:18 missioncadre Financio Token (FIN) was officially created and deployed on Binance Smart Chain.

Financio Token (FIN) was officially created and deployed on Binance Smart Chain. Financio is a decentralized exchange that is running on Binance Smart Chain, with a lot of features that will let you earn high, passive crypto reward. Visit to learn more https://www.financio.io
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2021.09.26 18:18 -Pelvis- Is there anything that can be done to prevent games from placing config files directly in my home directory?

I have several games installed from Steam that place their configs directly in my home directory: Gonner 2, Runescape, Duck Game, SEGA Mega Drive Classics, Wizard of Legend, etc. It's not a big deal, but it does clutter up my home directory which I'd rather avoid. Thanks!
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2021.09.26 18:18 GREENDAYBL1NK I drew Green Day, heavily based on the Funko Pops.

I drew Green Day, heavily based on the Funko Pops.
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2021.09.26 18:18 4seatsare4losers I had the wonderful opportunity to capture this rainbow in Rocky Mountain National Park last month.

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