Opinion: The game would be more fun if all abilities were in the vein of find familiar rather than as a list of specific allowed procedures

2021.09.26 17:19 Aquaintestines Opinion: The game would be more fun if all abilities were in the vein of find familiar rather than as a list of specific allowed procedures

The find familiar spell grants you a familiar and explains what this familiar can do in reference to certain situations, but importantly at its core it is the ability to summon a small creature beholden to you. That makes it very versatile and appealing and, more importantly, very flavorful. While the rules allow the familiar to assist and grant you advantage in combat, they don't need to specify anything for you to figure out that you can use your weasel familiar to grab the keys from the table in the guard room; it follows from it being a smart weasel that can be directed by you that it can grab the keys in its mouth and that it is small enough to fit between the bars of the jail cell.
Other examples of abilities that already work like this are Divine Sense, Ki (even if I think the flavor itself could bear some more explanation), Second wind (arguably "you have a limited well of stamina you can use to protect yourself from harm" should allow for more uses than just recovering a bit of HP), Timeless body, the divine strike of most cleric domains (although it's a pretty boring ability) and Danger Sense.
An example of how not to do it would be the college of Lore's cutting words, where the ability it gives you is so loosely defined that it can't properly be used. "You gain the ability to confuse creatures with your wit" is ostensibly something you should already be able to do without the game telling you to. For abilities like that it would be vastly better if the game specified that you're now a lot better at doing the thing, or supernaturally good.
I think most spells and abilities should follow that format, of giving you an ability in the fiction and then only specifying specific combat or utility effects as examples of how it can be used.
I want this because I think it is already how you are meant to use your class chassis. It is a list of tools for you to use in overcoming the challenges of adventure. Focus should lie on designing those tools to be fun and flavorful to use.
Abilities effectively already imply the ability that they give you. "Firebolt" as a spell allows you to form a bolt of fire in your hand. It just doesn't allow you to do anything else with the bolt but expell it with great force. To me it feels highly artificial and quite unfun that spells are so limited in the effects they produce. It's a fantasy game and I think characters should be able to do fantastical things.
The downside would be that reflavoring is more difficult when the flavor is given significance. When the magical source of the mage armor is specified then it can't be interpreted as a shield of thorns or scales or whatever without also rewriting the spell. I think this is as it should be, and that spells should be things that exist in the fiction and thus there really should be a different spell for an armor of carapace and an armor of magical force energy.
Another potential downside would be that by potentially utilizing the full utility of their abilities both martials and magicians could become a lot more powerful in their ability to overcome challenges. It wouldn't work to just rewrite all abilities in 5e and expect things to remain balanced. For a new edition or just for new abilities added to the game I think it would be a good principle to follow though.
Mage armor would be something along the lines of "You can summon forth an abjuring force from the essence of a being to protect it from harm. The force forms around the skin of the creature and repels materials and magics with the potential for harm. The abjuring force automatically distinguishes harmful effects through the means of true sight, as do all spells and divinities. It requires uninterrupted air to do its work and does not function through armor. It gives the target a base AC of 13+DEX and ends if you will it to, expending an action of conscious effort.
Written as such, it could be very clearly intuited that someone attempting to hug the creature would not suffer the impediment of the mage armor even if the creature is trying to avoid them. Similarly, it implies that the armor would protect even against poison. This would quite possibly make it a more powerful spell, but also a lot more flavorful.
Improved critical could be "You have trained extensively at reading the movements of your foes and can more accurately judge when they are about to expose a fatal opening. This ability is almost second nature to you now, allowing you to almost see failure before it happens. When you are attacking an enemy you score a critical hit on a roll of 19-20."
In combat the ability would function mostly the same way, but the extra text of explanation of how it works allows you to use it in other situations as well. If your friend is about to blunder then maybe you get a save to see if you manage to stop them before they step on the pressure plate or the like. Maybe it should allow you to protect your own weak spots better (requiring monsters to roll to confirm crits against you) or at least give you that ability as a later upgrade.
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2021.09.26 17:19 Dino_nuggets317 The curse of the bunny boy

Hi my name is Alex Loyal. I'm kinda weird and my interests include pranks, cartoons, comics, drawing, that kinda stuff and I love a good scary story. I've always had a thing for horror. When I was 3 or 4 I went to a Halloween shop with my family and as we stepped into the large store there were animatronics and statues strewn about. One of them resembled a mix of Frankenstein and professor snape. I looked at him one time and then turned my back but when I turned again I was so excited by all the other spooky decor and colorful costumes that I didn't even notice the man was gone. As my family and I were walking about, the Frankensnape had put his hand on my shoulder from behind. I turned around and screamed at the top of my lungs, unable to acknowledge the logical fact that this was a man in costume, my juvenile brain assumed that the decoration had come to life. For years after that I was traumatized by the events and terrified of almost everything until I was about 11 and began to enjoy the macabre again and ever since then I've been obsessed. What you're about to read however, is not a tale from my own demented mind but rather is something I found on a laptop in my best friends room. He said his roommate came home with a book and creepy taxidermy thing about two weeks ago and then vanished for the whole two weeks before re-appearing in his room torn to shreads. He wanted me to come over and read what was written in the the laptop that rested upon his roommates lap. He said the cops are investigating it as a murder but are completely ignoring the fact that the contents of the laptop paint a clear and precise picture of how the grizzly death could have happened, but I guess they don't believe in the supernatural. There were a couple images on the laptop that I will show as it relates the recollection of events written In this twisted tale.
I don't know how to start these extended story posts but my name is Shawn Oryctolagus. I found something weird at a thrift shop called "Sir Joseph's clothing" it's a small department store in the outskirts of Charlotte. It sells much more then just clothing despite its name. The man that works there is named Joseph, I can only assume he's been running this shop since he was a young entrepreneur . He's a kindly old man with white stubble contrasting his dark and gentle face, who seems to just find the things he sells around the streets or maybe he goes through the lost and found bin at restaurants or hotels. He is definitely a cheapskate but in an innocent old man type of way and I don't blame him for any of what I'm about to tell you. How could he have known what forces the items he sold me could have held. At first it seemed to fit in with the rest of the oddities in his shop it was a strange doll that seemed to have the head of a real rabbit and the body of a porcelain doll wearing brown shorts and a vest with a matching bow tie. He was sitting on top of a story book. The bizarre cross of a human and a rabbit was unnerving but kind of adorable at the same time in a similar sense to a chihuahua or a furby. I felt an instant sense of responsibility, like I wanted to protect this inanimate object. I asked sir Joseph how much the doll cost he told me that it would be around 30 dollars, stating that he couldn't go any lower because it came with the story it was sitting on top of. It was kinda shocking since sir Josephs prices were usually pretty cheap. I'm kind of impulsive and I felt a weird connection to the thing so I payed 30 dollars for a second hand book and a doll. When I got home I decided to read the book to the doll as if it was my child. I opened the book and it read "The curse of the Bunny Boy" The first chapter seemed innocent enough if not a little dark at the end, and it was written like a poem. This is what it said.
Chapter 1: Bunny Boy's First Day of School Once upon a time in a village tucked away, covered by trees and bushes on a ground of cold red clay. There lived a man and woman welcoming their child into life, but what the man saw made him drop his jaw and was terrified of came out of his wife. The baby there slept and the man and woman wept as there child was born to be feared. He had the head of a bunny, his nose was runny, and he had tall pointy ears. They raised him as normal and dressed him formal for his first day of school. But when he arrived, he was terrified because the kids treated him oh so cruel. They pulled on his ears and triggered his tears and away he ran to the woods. But one classmate followed and through the woods she wallowed she was intrigued by his head and was upset that he fled, and she found him by a lake. She said with a smile "come back for a while" they're just jealous that you are unique. He entered with his friend to the school to tell his classmates they where cruel, and he went home in a stride. The day of next his classmates beat him to a mess and shortly after, he died.
After reading the first chapter, I closed the book and looked at the doll suddenly the awkward,blank expression seemed somber. It looked at me with its large dark brown eyes that looked so real I forgot they were made of glass for a second. The dark backstory of this bizarre looking stuffed animal only made the strange maternal instinct in me stronger. I looked at my phone to check the time and was shocked to find out it took 4 and a half hours to read one chapter made of only a couple pages. I obviously went to sleep after this shocking realization and as I tried to fall asleep white specks floated in my mind as sudden jolts of adrenaline caused my body to twitch. It was so hard to fall asleep, As if my body knew that something was wrong and wouldn't let me lose consciousness. Eventually I did fall asleep but only for a short amount of time as I woke up at 9:00 am which was verry early for me on days off. I mostly watched YouTube videos on true crime or urban legends which put me in a spooky mood. I then decided to continue reading the book. I curled up next to doll that I had decided to dub beneb. a weird name for a wierd thing. I decided to name it ben originally but thought it was too mundane for such an abomination so I chose to add a little something.
Chapter 2: Clair Blake Have you ever met someone who was very loud? Someone so annoying they draw in a crowd? Such a bratty little kid, a pain in the neck, a pain everywhere her name was Clair. Clair's uncle had had enough, Of this spoiled kid, it was time to snuff. He went to see the witch, it had come to the worst. Together they worked and brewed up a curse. Sacrifice a soul, sew the stitches, the spell was so powerful they needed help from other witches. "Rise demon from hell or another world far beyond. Here, I command you with this song, for I am your puppeteer." There he was taken and used in the curse but that demon she chose was one of the worst. When the spell was done, no time to wait, he had to get it to Clair and seal her fate. "I have a present for you.yes indeed" "It better be good or you'll have to face me." "A perfect toy to match your attitude, I give this...bunny boy...to you." "I love it! I love it! For once in the world you give me a present That doesn't make me want to hurl. But then that night she heard a voice, A tiny whispering song so joyous.
"What a lovely time it is to be. Where you can be best friends with me. This is the happiest I've ever been in my life. I'm free of anguish,all fear and strife."
She woke up by a clap of thunder, soon to realize her great blunder. She saw a shadow in the dark,when she asked "who's there"! this was the remark. "Come with me it's time to play, forever and ever,every day."
When her parents awoke the day of next,they found only a paper with some text. You can't stop me from finding my friends, I'll play with them all until their end. When I'm done playing with them I'll find new ones! You can always hide but you can never out run!
After reading that I was thoroughly disturbed. How could a story like that make it into what seems to be a kids book. I noticed the illustrations in this chapter were less story bookish and a bit more scratchy and detailed. The Illustration of the bunny boy was similar to the design of the doll but a bit taller this time and it's large piercing eyes were slightly sunken into it's sockets. He had a wide smile with buck teeth. This story had much more strange details then the last. I found myself wondering what Clair could have done to deserve being cursed and killed. I get that she was bratty but it seemed like an over reaction. I looked at beneb and asked "what did she do?" Obviously not expecting a response but just as a asked, the doll slumped over and I heard a tap at the window. I looked out and only saw the road and skate park with a shitty playground that always looked just outside the widow of my apartment. It's not much of a veiw but it's better then my roommates window which only shows the rest of the dreary, gray and beige complex. Once again hours had gone by when it only felt like it had been minutes. That night it was easier to fall asleep however, once I was, I began to have an odd dream. I was by a fire place in an old Victorian house and I was playing with a wooden train set. I noticed I was wearing a red dress. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see wavy blonde hair. The room I was in was lined with colorful boxes and decorations and there was a large Christmas tree over in the corner, then I heard a knock at the door and I was excited. I felt like I was expecting something. When I got up to answer the door, I noticed I was very small, my head came only just past the crystal door knob, I turned to swing the door open. It was a tall man with a beard and I felt disappointed. I knew in the back of my mind I was gonna get something but memories of lack luster gifs from this man told me I wouldn't like it. "hi uncle Jesse" I said disappointed, my voice was high and soft. "Hello Clair" the tall man replied. It was then that I realized I was seeing the chapter I just read through the point of view of the girl from the story. We sang and played games and had a massive feast and I remember feeling like I was having the most fun ever. I had memories of what days were like normally. Things were just as luxurious but I was lonely and no one wanted to play with me. Then it was time for presents. I opened uncle Jesse's present, relieved and excited, I pulled out the doll and story book and jumped with joy, I noticed a look of hesitation and slight doubt in my uncles eyes. That night when I went to sleep I had no inception style dreams, only blackness before I woke up within the dream to the figure and song and I felt terrified. The monster grabbed me by the waist with both of its long, spindly fingers and picked me up, I struggled to break free and I felt the claws dig into me. It was sharp and sudden before I abruptly woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.
I jolted up my bed was drenched in sweat, at least I hope it was sweat. I was not ready to go to work today, Not after that dream. I can still feel the claws digging into me, like the feeling of pricking your finger but on a larger and much more intense scale. I debated just returning the doll and book. I could not go through a dream like that again and if I kept them I know I would read more of the book. I can't just forget about it. My mind isn't wired like that. I need to finish things. I looked at the doll however and that strange need to protect and nurture returned on a much more extreme scale this time "do you want me to read to you more?" I asked beneb and I could have sworn I saw his head move up and down, just a little bit.
Chapter 3: the boy with no name A boy in the streets, who knows no peace, will find a prize today. He wandered into an empty village, as a sound led him astray. Echoing through the empty streets like a record without a crowd it was silent, just hearable and by no means very loud.
What a lovely time it is to be, where you can be best friends with me . This is the happiest I've ever been in my life. I'm free of anguish l,all fear and strife
I've played with her until the end . I need a friend to play with again. I wonder how her family feels when they woke up upon the reveal
You're my new best friend now,as I first meet you, I'll take a bow
Will you play with me untill the end until I find a brand new friend?
Why do you run away from me ? Why do you always hide and flee? All I want to do is play, but you're always running far away.
Hypnotized by the strange melody, he was drawn farther in the town in 1 2 3.
He entered a toy shop that seemed burned down and saw a toy that erased his frown. He picked it up along with a book. When back in his camp, he peaked a look. When he went to rest his head that night, he had dreams that gave him quite a fright. Upon waking up the day of next he felt like his life had been forever hexed. Looking out the corner of his eye, he saw a tall and ominous guy. The eccentric man followed him for weeks, but disappeared when he took a straight peak. He told the police walking about his town, but their response was to take him down. arrested him for loitering and theft, though he tried to explain he had nothing left. He had no home and no family but they weren't interested in his plea. They sent him to jail, tried as an adult charged with many forms of Assault. One night when he was in his cot he smelled the sudden scent of rot. With a gasp of air,he looked out the cage to become another casualty on the page. With a splish and a splash and a sharp sudden gash, the bunny boy took him for its play. In the morning when it was time for a meal his existence was washed away.
As soon as I stopped reading I looked at beneb and despite the fact that his face had not contorted from the awkward blank expression, he had donned since the beginning, he seemed to become even more somber with every entry in the story book I read. The rest of that day, I tried to do things to get my mind off the macabre stories and cheer myself up. I played some video games and watched some tv but I couldn't shake the feeling of dread that those stories filled me with. At this point I kept beneb with me through all of the things I did. If I cooked breakfast, I made some for beneb as well . When I watched tv, I switched the channel to something I thought he would like. I found myself treating him like a real child. I knew I was delusional but what could I do? I needed to protect him. That night I had another dream. The dream started with me sitting in an empty room, across from me was a small rotting corpse wearing the same red dress I was wearing in the last dream. It was barely recognizable, covered with maggots and grubs crawling in and out of its rotting flesh. We were in an empty room that seemed to be in a run down and abandoned building. It seemed to be a grimy locker room shower. In between the corpse and I was an odd board game I have never seen before. There seemed to be small chess pawns spread throughout an X in the center of the board with images of cats around the outside. "It's your turn" I said. The voice that spoke was the same as the one that sang the song from the other dream. The best way I can describe the voice is oddly calming. It kinda sounded like a mix of Jack Stauber and that blue thing from courage the cowardly dog. I became enraged as the barely recognizable corpse that was mostly just a skeleton didn't respond to me and move the game piece. I stood up to realize I towered over the corpse. I picked her up and threw her against the wall. This caused chunky black blood to splatter on the wall. My vision began to blur as I seemed to manifest in an abandoned toy store. I heard a young boy in the other room and chose to stay hidden, my heart pounded and I felt nervous. I wanted this kid to be my friend and I began to stalk him. I witnessed the ending events from the story unfold as the young boy was arrested. I saw him get jumped and even worse things happen to him in the blind spots of the prison. I then decided I needed to save him so I appeared to him in his cell and he screamed and tried to run away. I tried to catch him as he ran around the cell. My long claws accidentally gave him multiple gashes before I finally caught him and brought him back to a large abandoned school building. I woke up to my alarm clock yet again drenched in sweat. That's when I decided to finally stop reading the book. I put the book in my closet and tried to forget it. I tried to stay away from the book for days, I forgot to go into work, all I could think about was the book. I knew that if I read the rest of the stories it would spring me farther into this maternal insanity but I couldn't stay away. It was like a drug. The more I stayed away,the more I wanted to read the book. Eventually I got fired. After that I decided to just give in and read the next story.
Chapter 4: Sidney buzz at a goodwill, the sight of a bunny made aunt Susan stop. this will be perfect for a birthday gift, this is why I always go to thrift shops. happy birthday to the boy Sid Buzz, we celebrate all to be and all there was. All day long on his sweet 13, they laughed and joked together as a team. Then the time struck, time to give presents. Sid jokingly said “now line up my peasants.” Aunt Sue presented him with his gift so gruff, because he’s into that kind of stuff. A vintage taxidermy doll, was the perfect gift...or at least it was better then nothing at all. His face was shocked, she didn’t know what to do, she hesitantly said “happy birthday to you. If you don’t like it,it’s fine I’ll give the store a ring.” “no I have a perfect place, next to my collection of other strange things.” He placed the strange plush on top of the shelf. hanging just over his bed. he loved whenever he looked at the thing he felt a strange sense of dread. he couldn’t quite spot what it was about the doll, the feeling was like witnessing the end of it all, then he heard a sound inside of his head, the lyrics where somber and about someone that was dead
I’ve played with her until the end I need a friend to play with again I wonder how her family feels when they woke up upon the grave reveal
stop it, stop it, it’s too much, it’s too much, too dreadful, too dreadful, enough, enough! The only thing that made him less vexed, was a voice calling “sid who is next” “uhm kayla ” he said in a hurry then his cousin gave him some thing odd and furry “Thank you Kayla I needed this” he falsely said with a hiss. After all the boxes were opened, The day had almost come to an end. now it was time to sit down to cake, made of a box mix but still home baked. The conversation got weird per the norm sid asked why birds were called a flock and bugs were a swarm somehow that turned into how to a conversation about how to kill people with bugs it honestly sounded like they were all on drugs. Then sid brought up the strange occurrence, to his surprise there was no deterrence “I knew that thing was weird” said aunt Sue “but I thought a possessed doll would be perfect for you” “sure I mean I love ghosts and gore but it seems like there may be something more.” He closed his eyes to think. then screamed “can someone get me some water to drink!!” He spoke of a vision that popped in his mind “it was horrific but cute and he has such sad eyes” now he was in tears, overwhelmed with emotion. everyone was a bit disturbed by the notion. “now I’m kind of put off my cake” said his mom. A failed attempt to make the room calm. now everyone was off put. a strange feeling was a foot. “Well I’m tired” said Sid. aunt Susan said “you make some sense kid” 10:00 they all went to sleep except for Sid who had the creeps
What a lovely time it is to be where you can be best friends with me this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life I’m free of anguish all fear and strife
Sid bolted up and the music stopped. he looked across the room and the plushie dropped. For a split second he thought he saw a figure, but then the shadow disappeared as it got bigger he picked up the doll and placed it back up with a shivering feeling something was amuck. Feeling freaked out he went to the fridge to get some milk with honey, just a smidge. as he reached for the gallon in the back of the box, the voice in the echoey building talks
You are my new best friend now. as I first meet you I’ll take a bow
Swiftly he then turned around, terrified at what he found. a tall and lanky disjointed thing with curling claws he uses to cling. his face was happy far to wide. with rabbit ears standing high. Dressed up dapper he looked so nice. as if his outfit had a hefty price. the dapper thing grabbed his legs, and dragged him far away. Into the woods he scurried and stated “time to play!”
As I closed the book, satisfied with my fix, I look at the doll and felt compelled to play with it. “Do you wanna go to the park?” Without a response I picked him up and put him in the back seat of my car. And drove to the significantly less shitty playground a few blocks over. It was dark. And no one else was on the road so I got to the park in no time. once we got to the park I carried beneb to the playground in the middle. We were surrounded by woods. When I looked at him here his blank expression seemed to be happy now. I pushed him on the swings and I could swear I heard giggling ever so slightly. It was about this time when I noticed three children playing one seemed significantly older then the other two. He seemed to watch over them like an older brother. There was no one watching them so I went over to make sure they were ok. When I got closer to the other playground though, I realized that the three kids looked exactly like Clair, no name, and Sid from the stories. I frantically asked are you guys ok,do you need help?! They all stopped playing and looked up at me. Clair and no name seemed terrified when they saw beneb in my arms. They coward behind sid, who also seemed scared but also concerned at the same time. “S-sir why do you have that” sid said as he held out his arm to keep Clair and no name back. “I…got it at a thrift shop” I responded. “You need to protect it don’t you? You read the book.” He seemed to be sympathetic. “Listen sir you need to get rid of it. He pulls you in by gaining your empathy. Don’t fall for it his story is the only one in the book that isn’t real” he looked back at the other two, they were terrified. “I know what he is but I don’t want to put them through this trauma all over again. Please come back here tomorrow at the same time. Bring the book. I won’t let him take you too” with that sid grabbed the hands of the other two kids and evaporated as they walked off. I was left there speechless I knew there was something weird with this strange toy but now I had it out right confirmed by the ghost of one of its victims. as I went home to go to sleep I had another dream
It began exactly were the story of Sid left off this time I was seeing through Sid’s eyes. I was grasping at tree trunks and Blades of grass. Screaming for my family “stop! Please let me go!! mom! Pop! Aunt Susan! Michaela?!” Nobody heard me, I was to far out in the woods behind the house. Sid seemed to live in a mountain type area without many neighbors. Before I knew it I was back in the locker room From my last dream. I tried to escape by darting out the locker room and entering a large gym with bleachers collapsed against the north and south sides of the large empty room that smelled of sweat, mold and copper. I darted out the large quadruple doors next to the south bleachers. I was met with a long corridor with class rooms on either sides of the hall I heard the calming voice call out from the gym as I was running down the decaying ancient halls “please don’t go! I need you with me, I need a friend! My friends always run!” I ducked in a classroom hiding behind a wooden teacher’s desk. I took a deep breath as the yelling died down. I looked up from under the desk to see the tall puppet like creacher standing over me. “hiya Sid” he said as he picked me up and carried me like a baby to an upstairs class room with a moldy mattress in the center and old vintage toys scattered about. “Please don’t run from my again. I-I can be your best friend! I have talents? I can sing. They used to call me the music maker.” He began to sing
What a lovely time it is to be where you can be best friends with me this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life I’m free of anguish all fear and strife
I’ve played with her until the end I need a friend to play with again I wonder how her family feels when they woke up upon the reveal
You’re my new best friend now as I first meet you I’ll take a bow
Will you play with me untill the end until I find a brand new friend
Why do you run away from me why do you always hide and flee all I want to do is play but you’re always far away
His voice was melodic and soothing. I sat there speaking to it for a while. he told me that he has little to no memory of his real life due to his existence being tied to the fictional origins depicted in the book. when the witch bound him to the doll the became one with it. Eventually after gaining my trust he wanted to play a game. This game however consisted of torcher and all sorts of other depraved things in the mits of this game I was about to get shot before the bunny boy dug his claws into my chest, as I slowly suffered I began to black out and as Sid died I awoke. I was very shaken by what happened in that dream. Looking at beneb as I did every morning after my night terrors to examine the ambiance his blank face gave off almost as if asking permission to feel how ever it dose. this time his blank expression rang sinister and I only felt dread. I went to the fridge to see we were all out of food, my room mate was supposed to go grocery shopping yesterday but he didn’t for some rsason so I decided to go out and do so. Once again there was no one on the road. Out of the corner of my eye beneb seemed much taller in the back seat but every time I looked in the mirror he was just small as usual. When I got to the store I left beneb In The car. there was no one in the store but it was definitely open. I walked in as usual. I figured if no one was at the checkout area I would get free groceries. while I was shopping I felt like someone was watching me the whole time. Soon enough I got to the checkout area but unfortunately someone was there and I did have to pay. I made my way back home and stocked up the fridge and pantry I found myself thinking about my dreams along side my encounter with the children that had caught the curse before me. So far beneb had only gone after children. Perhaps he didn’t go after adults. maybe I had just missed the mark and I was safe if that was the case however it was up to me to stop him. I watched YouTube for the rest of the day until it was time to go to the park and talk to sid. Once again it seemed the only people that existed were he ones I directly interacted with. After what felt like seconds I was at the park and sure enough there sid was, distant in the fog, swinging on a swing waiting for me. He looked at me with his black eyes peaking out from behind his straightened light brown fringe “I’m glad you could make it” he softly said with a twinge of hesitation. “So what do you know about this monster” I asked “well first, he took us to be his friend but you probably already know how that turned out from the book. Something I’ve noticed is he can’t attack you unless you look directly at him in real time. Is there anything specific you wanna know? I know the most. Any questions you have you can ask me” He told me, egar to put an end to the bunny boy’s reign of terror. I did have a couple questions but one had been dancing in my mind since I finished his chapter “why did your story end in the middle?” I asked suspiciously . His response was delayed he looked down then back up at me as if to contemplate wether to tell the truth or not “it didn’t end, because my story isn’t over. Did you bring the book like I said?” “Uh… y- yes” I replied as I quickly stumbled to pull out the story book. “open it” he said. I obeyed and opened the book to the last page that was filled in but after turning the page there was more written were their was previously nothing
Chapter 5: Sid Buzz, friends till the end He took his friend back to his home, returned with his favorite toy and tome. Though at first Sid was reluctant, soon he would see their similarities were abundant. Gleefully they played all night. But Sid’s great bark was worse then his bite. Almost shot and saved by the bell. Lasareth’s grasp was to tight and Sid fell. Mourning the loss of his only true friend. For once he didn’t want the story to end. Devastated by his accidental attack, he suddenly felt a hand on his back. He turned around to see his friend, active and well even after his end. Together the played forever and on until they met their new toy, Sean. Sean found a doll and book at the corner store and read it’s stories full of gore. He became obsessed with the innocent doll protecting it from hate and gall. Sid observered silently, waiting to pounce violently. he and bunny boy set a trap a set of events to catch the chap. As Sean figured out what he was in, soon Sid Buzz began to grin. He tried to hide and tried to run but at this point it was already done.
The picture on last page showed me reading the book with the bunny boy behind me, staring down, smiling with his arm resting on my shoulder. Remembering what sid told me, I didn’t turn around. Instead I pulled out my phone and took a picture of myself with the back camera and looked at the image. Their I was the real bunny boy behind me waving at the camera with a blank, wide smile and long spindly fingers like the legs of a spider. He was already slightly creepy in the book but seeing it with real flesh, a living thing standing only inches from me, that was scariest thing ever. Then I heard him begin to sing his signature song. I quickly stood up and ran to my car. I drove home avoiding the mirror and ignoring the speed limit. I hoped that a cop would pull me over and I could be with a real human being. But I got home without interacting with anybody. I rushed into my roommate’s room as I knew he would be here he always is this late at night but when I opened the door there was no trace that anyone had been there in days. I noticed his laptop and began to look up the disappearances throughout the ages in North Carolina. I wrote this story to warn you and to do Something, anything to occupy my mind, to avoid looking behind me.
After reading this I called Theo over to investigate farther. I will keep you updated
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2021.09.26 17:19 Didney_Worl1 DeX error and no task bar

My Dex is going crazy. It doesnt display the task bar anymore and i get an error "system ui has stopped working"
Is DeX tied somehow to Bixby service? Because thats what i deinstalled with ADB. It worked fine untill that.
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2021.09.26 17:19 LyuboSerafimov Ocean Waves and Seagulls Atmosphere + Ambient Drone | For Sleep & Focus | Dream Sequencer

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2021.09.26 17:19 Crafty_Pair778 Tips for me?

Recently started playing the game and I'm loving it. Im still having to fill Grey Mothers fridge and I'm starting to struggle to find food in Milton should I branch out or just keep searching Milton. Any other tips would be appreciated
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2021.09.26 17:19 Chernabogue We did a metal version of Chaotic Playground from PoR, enjoy!

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2021.09.26 17:19 alper Peru’s radical left government weighs bond issue after wooing investors

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2021.09.26 17:19 Zarastro2021 New Article by Zarastro Art: Contemporary Art Auctions

Hi all - we just posted an article, reviewing the post-lockdown contemporary art auctions and analyzing trends in the art market. Some of the bigger themes are the rise of red-chip art/the fall of blue-chip art, new digital solutions being offered by auction houses, influence of Greater China in the market, erosion of the gallery pipeline, and NFTs creating new ways of “owning” art. We hope that this is a helpful snapshot of what has been going on in the market and where it is going to.
Zarastro Art also has other articles as well as an upcoming weekly newsletter covering the art world in a more succint form. If you are interested in specific topics to be covered, please let us know!
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2021.09.26 17:19 ButterscotchAble7722 Anyone willing to?

Does anyone have a Xbox account with Forza Horizon 2 presents fast & furious I never got to play it and I would like the gamerscore and the points for the Forza hub?
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2021.09.26 17:19 7ohnsamuel I don’t see this drink come up very often, but it’s one of my favourites

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2021.09.26 17:19 Master_Rignolo Nicole Graham

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2021.09.26 17:19 Pzbstzr Anything comparable to the VG6 Gamma that fits a 14x1 leg threaded rifle other than the Epsilon?

I'm looking for a solid muzzle brake or combo brake that won't get me sent to California's gulag for being a "flash hider" and suggestions?
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2021.09.26 17:19 World-Politics3766 Portugal expats

Hey, are there portugal expats or vistors here. I'm looking at Portugal as a possible place to go in the future. Which are the popular sites for Portugal housing so I can check how the housing conditions / prices are?
I assume they'd be in portugal currency, so what do you use to see exchange rate to see if it's a good value?
Quiet: Are there usually housing that is quiet (without slamming of doors, etc) or would it be hard to come by?
I can't think of any other questions right now. Are there any helpful links you've found online for really good info on Portugal?
Is there anything else we should know?
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2021.09.26 17:19 PatdnLite Hi if anyone has a video of the tokyo drifting performance by glass animals please post or send it 🙏🏼

that shit was INSANE
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2021.09.26 17:19 bakflipp Are settings accessible without a working touchscreen?

Hey guys, potentially dumb question incoming but I recently bought a Wii U and it’s included Gamepad seems to work fine aside from the touchscreen not responding. And so I’m currently stuck on the system settings menu trying to connect my console to the internet but it seems I’m unable to do so unless I’ve got a working touchscreen. I know the settings are completely inaccessible without a Gamepad, however I’m almost positive I saw a tutorial on YouTube where someone navigated the settings menu with the d-pad on their Gamepad rather than using the touchscreen. The Gamepad is in working condition other than the non-responsive screen, so should I still be able to access these settings or am I out of luck?
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2021.09.26 17:19 parlejibiscoot Sania Mirza-Shuai Zhang pair wins Ostrava Open title

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2021.09.26 17:19 CharlesOberonn What if Avatar: The Last Airbender came out in 2021? (art by random-guy-or-something)

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2021.09.26 17:19 Chan_Islam I want this option… seems fun

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2021.09.26 17:19 Jazzlike_Emu_9437 Which Scales should I put on my PM2 Tanto, Left or Right?

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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.09.26 17:19 McLarenVXfortheWin edit: Just wanted to share my direct insertion Reinforced turbine setup (Electromagnetic Turbine you dumbass)

This, module is not a one belt module, bcos with direct insertion it's not possible (it is, the time is the matter), it makes 240/min fine so I'm happy with it!
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2021.09.26 17:19 asdfdgfhfgh Imagine being AMERICAN!

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2021.09.26 17:19 filimo1ir دانلود سریال خاتون قسمت نهم

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2021.09.26 17:19 RealFHGaming Destiny 2: Season Of The Lost (Online Gameplay #4)

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2021.09.26 17:19 Happy-Chard8955 Are you SICK of Employees ranting bout SW

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