GaroShadowscale Blep Snoot [By Lizard Wizard]

2021.09.26 18:10 GaroShadowscale GaroShadowscale Blep Snoot [By Lizard Wizard]

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2021.09.26 18:10 POWER-RANGER-1 This is the best trailer ever. Credits to murdablast.

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2021.09.26 18:10 SrTavares0 AHS banned speerun any%

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2021.09.26 18:10 shirakashi Lass bauen! DIY Blackmagic Atem Mini Case – Mobiler Streaming Koffer

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2021.09.26 18:10 GuitarsRgreat E-Skate In NYC | Ride With Me | Times Square

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2021.09.26 18:10 BeginningStreet7735 Mattison potential value

Considering Cooks is out for the game what do you think Mattisons' value is gonna be? Possible RB #10-20 this week?
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2021.09.26 18:10 HamishWarne Barcelona [3]-0 Levante: Ansu Fati 90+1

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2021.09.26 18:10 AdmirableSource9740 Aegar, and Niv Mizzet combo?

Aegar, the freezing flames ability triggers when excess damage is dealt not when a creature dies of excess damage. So since Niv Mizzet, parun triggers when you draw a card, dealing one damage to any target, and you are drawing the card off of aeger before the creature dies, could you deal the 1 point of damage to the creature originally dealt excess damage, and repeat the process indefinitely?
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2021.09.26 18:10 Amazing-Choice-4416 Mega Houndoom WB 8445 2050 0754

Be online!!
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2021.09.26 18:10 Khioni Max power?

What’s the maximum power your team can have? And how much until your team is considered ”good”?
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2021.09.26 18:10 LBerkeXII I got 200k, best league to run for start

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2021.09.26 18:10 kevinpaulmyrick Note: Due to a foolish error on my part, had to repost the Aragon BBQ video. Here's the new link.

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2021.09.26 18:10 memsies My boi in the park ❤️

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2021.09.26 18:10 dustypeanutbutter Saint Stephan I. The first king and founder of the Kingdom of Hungary

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2021.09.26 18:10 IAmNotKirkCousins Does the US actually have the best jaw surgeons?

From my research, I have found a handful of foreign jaw surgeons (spain, taiwan, argentina and mexico) that have substantial social media and youtube followings (10k-100k), charge a fraction of the price, do easily one hundred plus cases a year and post a large amount of their patients results. I dont see this in the US. Being that the US is incredibly expensive and the insurance process is a pain, are US surgeons doing substantially less jaw surgeries than other countries? I was initially skeptical of going abroad, but I almost feel more comfortable with a foreign surgeon being that many US surgeons do not have a lot of reviews/post their results publicly. Thoughts?
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2021.09.26 18:10 gbrcalil I was discussing with a fascist on the comments of another sub's post, but while I was giving my response he was kicked out of the sub... He was shaming me for having a "maoist" flair up while criticizing nazism, so I talk about New Democracy and the socialist development of China.

In China, the revolution was a protracted people's war that mobilized hundreds of thousands of peasants, workers and students to go against japanese settlers and the bureaucratic capitalists, who had no interest in emancipating the chinese people. The revolution ended capitalism in the country by a long process called New Democracy, which seeked to end feudal and semi-feudal relations of production that were still extensively present in the country, meaning they generalized capitalist production by an agrarian revolution (an advanced form of agrarian reform) and industrialization.
After transforming China in a developed capitalist country, the communist party started its campaign to advance socialist transition. They made huge works of propaganda to convince the poor peasants of the advantages of collectivization, mainly how they could produce more and work less by working together. After the campaign being a success, they saw huge improvements in food production, which was finally able to mitigate the periodical famines that happened in China since foreign intervention.
The factories and industries also saw a huge improvement, not only they were all nationalized and became SOEs, but they also started to be democratic. The workers of a factory could elect their manager and choose how they would run the factory.
After phasing out the production of commodities and the extraction of surplus value, wages saw a good increase, and, along with that, the social fund (which is a part of the resources produced that doesn't go directly to workers, but comes in other forms as public healthcare, education, safety, new factories, new technologies, etc.) also helped increase quality of life tremendously.
In all that movement also came the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, that aimed to establish proletarian ideology and culture and prevent capitalist restoration. That was the period when capitalist roaders were kicked out of the party, for example Deng Xiaoping and Liu Shaoqi were kicked for their capitalist ideals. It was the hugest mass mobilization in the history of humanity, it was the first time since the emergence of capitalism that the proletariat saw this amount of power in their hands. It wasn't a movement from top to bottom as some people tend to think, it was actually a mobilization from the masses (which was only stimulated by Mao).
Unfortunately after all the advancements, capitalist restoration still happened, although now China isn't an opressed semi-feudal country like before, but an opressor, imperialist and advanced capitalist country. Deng Xiaoping, who was once kicked out of the party, carried out a coup after Mao's death and was able to decollectivize agriculture, privatize large sectors of the economy and do the capitalist restoration.
Apart from the capitalist restoration under Deng, I don't see any kind of societal destruction happening here, on the contrary, what I see is a country that was able to end foreign opression and capitalist exploitation at the same time, while improving quality of life tremendously, therefore establishing a true democracy, not a fake one like we see in modern bourgeois countries...
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2021.09.26 18:10 WalterBowman_7 Trains Locomotive

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2021.09.26 18:10 Bruhmadmax1 A

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2021.09.26 18:10 edemac Are chrysalis allowed? S GA USA. Found on a rake handle.

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2021.09.26 18:10 WalterBowman_7 Trains Locomotive

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2021.09.26 18:10 GadgetGal606 Can you buy pre-sliced brunost?

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2021.09.26 18:10 Ali1876 We got them all.

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2021.09.26 18:10 Q-U_A-S_K-I Cursed_superpower

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2021.09.26 18:10 squishydonkey Pimento's first bath.

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2021.09.26 18:10 anonymous_coward69 The Marías - Hush (Still Woozy Remix) [Indie pop]

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