How do i fix this broken solder pad or at least solder it to a trace?

2021.09.26 16:52 Hydra696 How do i fix this broken solder pad or at least solder it to a trace?

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2021.09.26 16:52 RollMeOneKenobii Many Haitian migrants camped in Texas border town being released in U.S., officials say

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2021.09.26 16:52 -lemonworld Some questions about the detective's brother

So I just finished all the episodes but haven't gone back to check if I missed something, so please bear with me -
Jun-ho (the detective) is tipped off that his brother is missing and that he just recently didn't pay rent. This implies that he's playing in this current game, and was perhaps one of the people killed in red light green light. But since we know the brother is a former player and the Front Man, wouldn't he have gone missing for about a week years ago?
He also seems to be Korea's #2 most important member of the game staff, second only to Mr. 001 himself. If this isn't his first game as the Front Man, going missing for weeks at a time should be at least an annual occurrence. Shouldn't he already be prepared to "disappear" for a while when the games start, like paying rent in advance at the very least, or coming up with a good excuse so that his police officer brother doesn't go looking for him?
Did they address this earlier on? What am I missing?
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2021.09.26 16:52 MangoFukurou How do you get someone to acknowledge your social anxiety?

I have a hard time locking eyes with people, and I have a hard time when I know that people are looking at me or thinking about me. This causes some unusual or uncomfortable behaviors. For example, when I'm eating at the dinner table with my family, my head is usually facing downwards into my food, and, when I talk to them (my family), I'm usually still looking down at my food, rather than looking at them. My parents understand this, as I've always been like this, but a relative of mine who's staying over with us doesn't.
I've told them before that I have social anxiety and that it's really difficult for me to handle even the thought of people looking at me, let alone actually being around people, family or not. They told me that they "understand", but they really don't. I don't know what's going on their head, but it's most likely the scenario, where, because I haven't gotten a formal diagnosis from a professional, they don't really take my problem seriously. I mean, sure, I haven't gotten a proper diagnosis for social anxiety, but I feel that the symptoms speak for themselves. If anything, I know that I'm, at the very least, very uncomfortable looking at people, and, even more so than that, knowing that people are looking at or thinking about me.
I don't know how to describe how I feel other than that it just seems like they don't treat my problem seriously, which, in a phrase, really sucks, especially since they're (the relative) always in close proximity. Because I have a hard time looking at them in the face or even getting into a conversation with them, they just keep on assuming that I hate them or dislike their company, which is the farthest thing from the truth. They keep on misunderstanding me, and this leads me to constantly clear the air with them (e.g. I just want you to understand that I don't hate or dislike you), and I just feel like it's because they just don't want to acknowledge the fact that I simply have a really hard time interacting with people.
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2021.09.26 16:52 FPL_Tikka Help with FPL Research

Please can you spare 2 minutes to complete this anonymous FPL survey?
This is for MSc research into information behaviour in the FPL Community
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2021.09.26 16:52 Eternalchaos123 Grover Furr Part 3: The doctors plot and anti-semitism

Grover Furr Part 3: The doctors plot and anti-semitism
This is the third post in a series of debunking all the pseudo history created by Grover Furr in his book BLOOD LIES: The Evidence that Every Accusation against Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union in Timothy Snyder's "Bloodlands Is False." PLUS: What Really Happened in: the Famine of 1932-33; the "Polish Operation"; the "Great Terror"; the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact; the "Soviet invasion of Poland"; the "Katyn Massacre"; the Warsaw Uprising; and "Stalin's Anti-Semitism" (could you make that title any longer?) So if you want to know about the great purge and polish operation, click here and here. I'll be refuting chapter 14 of his book.
Did Stalin murder Solomon Mikhoels?(yes)
Just to introduce people who don’t know much about this topic, Solomon Mikhoels was a jewish actor and theatre director who served on the jewish anti-fascist committee (an organisation set-up to help bolster the support of the international jewish community for the soviet union against nazi germany during wwii). After the war the jewish anti-fascist committee was dissolved and its members arrested and shot on grounds they were american/jewish nationalist spies. Mikhoels was an exception, likely due to his international reputation and his popularity at home. So instead on the 13th of january 1948 he was killed by soviet agents in Minsk, before having his body run over by a truck in order to make it seem like a car accident.[1] There is some debate, especially in more recent literature, whether or not Stalin personally ordered his killing or it was suggested by higher ups in the MGB (secret police) and Stalin merely gave it the rubber stamp, but regardless it is still historical consensus that Mikhoels was assassinated by the secret police.[2] So let’s see what Furr has to say about it.
Furr states that the documents that show Stalin ordered Mikhoels to be assassinated are “crude forgeries”(pg 488), and for this he cites a book by Yuri Mukhin entitled “The murder of Stalin and Beria” (sounds like a real impartial source). He also states that “Mukhin has written some absurdities in his day, but his discussion of the “Mikhoels murder documents” is very cogent”. So let’s do a quick google search and see who this mukhin is-

“Muhkin claims that Nazism was also a response to Zionism, and that Zionists were responsible for the Holocaust:
“Once again I would like to remind the readers that the founding fathers of Zionism were fanatics, i.e. people not thinking of the future of Jews, but Israelis. Those of the Jews, who did not agree with Zionist objectives, were seen as worse than non- Jews—they were nothing else than garbage and their lives were nothing in the eyes of the Zionists. I have no doubts whatsoever, that during the course of World War II, the Germans did not exterminate the Jews on their own initiative, but were instigated to do so by the Zionists.”[3]
Jesus fucking christ! Furr was already at a pretty low bar, but now he’s citing fucking holocaust conspiracy theorists. This is the first section and already Furr has surpassed his previous peak of lunacy. After hearing that you should also shouldn’t be surprised he is on the Moscow bureau for human rights list of authors who “openly promote nazism”.[4]
Now with all of that out of the way, what does Mukhin actually say is the reason why these documents are forged?
“Why did he [Stalin] order to kill Mikhoels? Indeed, as a result of many years of observation, the authorities "did not have data" about the commission of any crimes, therefore Stalin did not have this data either. Perhaps he did not even know what this Mikhoels looked like. What, did Stalin have nothing better more to do? By the process of elimination from Beria's note, it follows that Mikhoels was killed for having connections with killer doctors, because, as Pravda wrote in 1953, he passed a directive from the United States to Jewish doctors “on the extermination of the leading cadres of the USSR” . It turns out that at the beginning of 1948, Stalin gave the order to kill Mikhoels for this, and left the doctors to exterminate the "leading cadres of the USSR" for another 5 years? That is, in the early 90s, the falsifiers still could not come up with at least some motive for the murder of Mikhoels not by the Zionists, but by Stalin.”[5]
This objection makes little sense when you realise that Beria never claimed Mikhoels was killed due to the connection with the supposed killer doctors. Mukhin came to that conclusion himself. Beria simply stated that later on Mikhoels was accused of being part of this supposed cabal of American agents, not that he was killed because of them
In the course of checking the materials of the investigation on the so-called "case of sabotage doctors", arrested by the former. The Ministry of State Security of the USSR established that a number of prominent figures of Soviet medicine, Jewish by nationality, were accused of being connected with a well-known public figure - People's Artist of the USSR MIKHOELS as one of the main charges. In these materials, MIKHOELS was portrayed as the head of an anti-Soviet Jewish nationalist center, allegedly conducting subversive work against the Soviet Union on instructions from the United States.
-Lavrentiy Beria 1953. Collection of documents. M., International Foundation "Democracy", 1999. pg.25
The actual reason of Mikhoels assasination is most likely his connection with the jewish anti-fascist commitee, whom Stalin would have arrested, and on what would be known as “the night of the murdered poets”, would have them all shot in a basement beneath the lubyanka prison.[6]
Now, it is important to note there is some debate regarding the Beria note. Some historians, specifically Zhores Medvedev, contend that Beria was not truthful when writing this note and that in fact Stalin had simply agreed to have Mikhoels killed rather than directly ordering it, and Beria wished to further implicate Stalin in Mikhoels’s death. Whether this is true isn’t for me to say, but what is interesting is that Furr actually mentions this, stating :
“Zhores Medvedev, a soviet dissident with strong anti-stalin and anti-communist credentials, wrote that he does not believe this story to be true either”.
However this is a very dishonest way of phrasing Medvedevs thesis, as he still believes the MGB were responsible for killing Mikhoels, but that Stalin hadn’t ordered it himself, but had still approved it, and he also still believes the documents are authentic, just that we need to be skeptical about how truthful their authors were.[7]
He also claims that “This forgery has been discussed in russia for over a decade”, yet he also fails to mention that historian Gennday Kostrychenko, the leading historian in Russia on Stalin’s anti-semitism, thinks of Mukhins assertions:
“Only Yu.I. Mukhin, editor of the scandalous newspaper Duel, he is also the author of the "scientific-historical investigation" "The Murder of Stalin and Beria", which was printed in mass circulation. On the pages of the latter, with extraordinary ease, all documents are declared to be forgeries, one way or another refuting the absurd conjectures of this amateur historian about the existence of some anti-Stalinist "Jewish conspiracy" insisted on primitive Judeophobia.”[8]
“Mukhin contradicts not only obvious facts, but also elementary common sense (denies any involvement of Stalin in the death of Mikhoels).”[9]
So to summarize, Furr’s only source is an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist whose assertions are unfounded and who is also not taken seriously by actual historians
Did Stalin’s daughter overhear Stalin “covering up” Mikhoels murder?(yes)
Here Furr claims that because Stalin’s daughter in her memoirs from 1967 didn’t mention something she mentioned in her 1969 memoirs, it didn’t happen. Here’s both quotes:
“A new wave of arrests got under way at the end of 1948… Lozovsky was arrested and Mikhoels was killed”
from 1967
“One day, in father's dacha, during one of my rare meetings with him, I entered his room when he was speaking to someone on the telephone. Something was being reported to him and he was listening. Then, as a summary of the conversation, he said, "Well, it's an automobile accident." I remember so well the way he said it: not a question but an answer, an assertion. He wasn't asking, he was suggesting: "an automobile accident." When he got through, he greeted me, and a little later he said: "Mikhoels was killed in an automobile accident."
from 1969
Now, anyone with the slightest reading comprehension can clearly see that these passages don’t contradict each other. She specifically states Mikhoels was killed while talking in the context of mass arrests, clearly implying it was the government that killed him.So Furr’s claim that .
In fact if we read the original passage in Russian this becomes even more clear. It states
“Потом пошла кампания против «космополитов», и арестовали еще массу народа. Арестовали и Полину Семеновну Жемчужину — не убоявшись нанести такой страшный удар Молотову. Арестовали А. Лозовского. Убили Михоэлса. Они все обвинялись в том, что входили в «сионистский центр»
Which translates as:
“Then there was a campaign against the "cosmopolitans", and a lot of people were arrested. Polina Semyonovna Zhemchuzhina was also arrested-not being afraid to deal such a terrible blow to Molotov. A. Lozovsky was arrested. Mikhoels was killed. They were all accused of being part of the"Zionist center"”
The two sentences before and after what furr quoted show that Allieyeva was clearly stating that Mikhoels was killed because of this supposed Zionist centre. Also the original russian uses the word “Убили”, which means killed, but is only used in the context of a group of people killing someone, and in this context it is clearly the MGB whom she is talking about.
But Furr doesn't stop there, he goes on to say that:
"One thing is clear: in 1967 Allilueva did not yet "know" that Mikhoels had been murdered at all, much less that it was her father who had murdered him. Most likely she had been "coached" during the year between the two books. Her second volume was written after moving to the US and befriending several virulent anti communists, some of whom she thanks in the book. No doubt it was they who "convinced" her to put a different interpretation on what she had heard her father say in 1948."(pg. 489)
Furr provides no evidence for this, because he has none, and this amounts to nothing more than a conspiracy theory.
Did Stalin say Russians were the war's greatest victims?
Furr claims there’s no evidence the soviet government covered up the targeting of jews during the war by the Germans. He chooses not to tell his readers about the black book of russian jewry, which was a compilation of first hand accounts of the atrocities committed against soviet jews compiled by writers Vasily Grossman and Ilya Ehrenburg. It was banned by the soviet censors in 1946, and it’s authors were prosecuted.[10]
Polish anti-semitism
The next several sections (pg 491-498) deal with various topics such as polish anti-semitism during WWII and such, which are topics im not very well versed in, but even so, it’s obvious Furr only includes them because he wishes to draw a comparison by saying “look, it was the poles who were antisemitic, not Stalin”. It’s classic whataboutism and really holds no relevance to the main topic so I won’t be discussing it here.
Was there official anti-semitism in the USSR after wwii?(yes)
Here Snyder discusses how after the war the number of jews in government and party posts dropped massively. Furr tries to claim that since jews were massively overrepresented in these posts, this was to be expected, since other nationalities needed to be represented aswell. But this can’t explain the enormous post-war decrease on practically every government post, from local to federal. Here’s a list of the the groups of government positions that had a significant drop in jews from 1945-1952.
I. Senior personnel of the central office of ministries and departments
  1. Senior officials of the Supreme Soviets and Councils of Ministers of the USSR
and the RSFSR.
  1. Ministers and heads of departments and organizations of the USSR and the RSFSR and their
  1. Heads of other all-Union organizations and their deputies.
  2. Heads of the main and central departments, main departments
and departments, as well as structural divisions in their composition in the ministries,
departments and organizations of the USSR and the RSFSR and their deputies.
  1. Secretaries of party committees and party bureaus of ministries, departments and organizations
The USSR and the RSFSR.
  1. Senior employees of the Central Committee of the Komsomol and the Central Committee of the Komsomol.
  2. Members of the Supreme Courts of the USSR and the RSFSR and military colleges.
  3. The censors of Glavlit.
  4. Members of the Council of Scientific and Technical Expertise of the Gosplan of the USSR.
  5. Members of the Editorial Board of the Grand Council of the Atlas of the World.
  6. Prosecutors of the department for special departments, investigators in important cases
Prosecutor's offices of the USSR, military prosecutors.
  1. Assistants to ministers, heads of departments, their deputies and
assistant heads of glavkov.
  1. Members of the Presidium of the All-Union Society for the Dissemination of Political and Scientific Knowledge.
  2. Members of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences, directors of academic
institutes and their deputies, scientific secretaries of technical councils, scientific and technical expertise and certification commissions.
  1. Senior officials of anti-fascist committees.
  2. Members of the secretariat of the Union of Soviet Writers.
  3. Radio commentators.
II. Senior personnel of regional, regional and republican Soviet,
economic and other institutions and organizations
  1. Chairmen of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviets of the Union and Autonomous
  1. The chairmen of the Councils of Ministers of the Union and autonomous republics
and the chairmen of the executive committees of the regional and regional councils of workers ' deputies and their deputies.
  1. Ministers of the Union and autonomous republics and heads of republican, regional and regional institutions, organizations and their deputies.
  2. Editors of regional, regional and republican newspapers; correspondents of the newspapers "Pravda", "Izvestia" and TASS correspondents in the regions, territories
and republics; responsible editors of the radio broadcasting editorial offices of republican radio committees.
  1. Chairmen of regional, regional and republican Councils of trade unions.
  2. Managers of regional, regional and republican trusts
and offices.
  1. Managers of the affairs of the Councils of Ministers of the Union and autonomous republics
and secretaries of the executive committees of regional and regional Councils of Workers ' Deputies.
  1. Academicians-secretaries of the Academies of Sciences of the Union republics.
III. Senior personnel of inter-regional institutions and organizations
  1. Heads of territorial departments of ministries and departments and their
  1. Heads of railways, railway departments and their services (locomotive, track), shipping companies and basin administrations and their deputies, heads of political departments of railway departments.
  2. Military prosecutors and chairmen of tribunals of railways and water basins, editors of newspapers of railway branches.
  3. Chairmen and secretaries of the Central Committee of Trade Unions.
IV. Heads of district, city and district institutions and organizations
  1. Chairmen of executive committees of district, city and district Councils of Workers ' Deputies and planning commissions.
  2. District, city and district prosecutors.
  3. Heads of district, city and district financial and trade departments, departments of health, public education, agriculture.
  4. Editors of district, city and district newspapers.
  5. District commissioners of the Ministry of Procurement, chairmen of regional consumer unions.[11]
Yeah…. That’s pretty extreme
The Doctors Plot
This is the most important part of this post. For those who don’t know, the doctors' plot was a supposed conspiracy by jewish doctors who were working as American agents, to give improper treatment to the members of the soviet government with the goal of killing them. The main thing that was used as evidence for this was the death of A. Zhdanov in 1948, from a heart attack. One of the cardiologists, Timashiuk (who was also a government agent), testified that Zhdanov was allowed to leave bed and go on walks and such when he should have had strict bed rest. It is likely that the doctors indeed gave the wrong diagnosis to Zhdanov, however there is obviously no proof this was a premeditated plan to kill him. So let’s see what Furr has to say about it.
The first section of this part of this section Furr tries to prove that a doctor's plot did in fact exist, by citing the fact that the doctors in the case admitted they gave the wrong diagnosis to the patients.
This is the admission the doctor made:
"I allowed a mistake in the diagnosis that led to grave consequences and then to [Zhdanov's] death. There was no evil plan in my action. ... I want only to repeat that at the basis of this crime, its original source, was medical error that I allowed as a consultant, leading the treatment of A. A. Zhdanov."
He then concludes stating:
"Therefore there really was a "doctors' plot" against Zhdanov in 1948! Vinogradov admitted that the consulting doctors ignored the findings and recommendation of the cardiologist, Dr. Timashuk. The only question is whether Vinogradov and the others did this, as Vinogradov claimed, to "hide my mistake in order to protect myself and those who had taken part in Zhdanov's treatment," or whether they had deliberately killed Zhdanov." [pg. 516]
Problem is though, that’s not what the doctors plot was. The doctor’s plot was a supposed plot by the doctors who were treating several important officials in the USSR to purposefully mistreat them, leading to their deaths, all at the behest of American intelligence. It’s it’s interesting that Furr chose not to include the next part of the interrogation, which reads:
The interrogation found itself unable to get him to admit what they needed: an unequivocal statement that he had been working for the Americans and British to murder Zhdanov and others. They gave him one last chance:
We have been charged by the leadership to transmit to you that for the crimes you have committed you already may be hanged, but that you may yet preserve your life and receive the possibility to work, if you truthfully say what was the root of your crimes, toward whom were you oriented, who was your boss and associates.
We are also charged to tell you that, if you wish to repent to the end, you may set out your testimony in a letter to our Leader who promises to preserve your life in the event of an open confession by you of all your crimes and a full exposure of your associates.
It is known to the entire world that our Leader always fulfills his promises.
After hearing this declaration, Vinogradov was speechless. "Why are you quiet?" they wanted to know.
"I find myself in a tragic position," Vinogradov replied, "and have nothing to say. I did not serve foreigners; no one directed me; and I myself drew no one into crimes."
Vinogradov could not tell the "truth" without physical torture. Therefore, the torture was necessary. So they beat Vinogradov more. By mid-December the "truth" came spilling out about his ties to numerous living doctors, most importantly Miron Vovsi, who by this time was freely providing the MGB whatever confessions it required. The link between Kuznetsov and Abakumov extended the plot vertically into the Central Committee and the Ministry of State Security. The link between Vovsi and Vinogradov extended the plot horizontally into the entire network of medicine and Jewish intellectual life in the Soviet Union, and ultimately, through Mikhoels and the Jewish Antifascist Committee of which Mikhoels had been the head, across the world to America.” [12]
The reason Furr chose not to include it, is because even he realises that the Doctors plot is such a load of bullshit that it’s damn near impossible to try and find a way to make it seem at all legitimate, especially considering that the second Stalin died, all the doctors were released and cleared of all charges.[13]
So Furr has to trick his readers into thinking that it was simply an investigation into the improper treating of a soviet official by doctors who just happened to be jewish. When in reality, it was an organised attempt to prosecute the leading jewish intellectuals of the time using the same process he’d used back in 1937, most likely out of his paranoia that they would switch loyalties to the newly founded israel.
Also as a quick sidenote, there are some theories that Stalin was planning on deporting jews to concentration camps in the far east, but there is little evidence for this, and the little that does is mostly conjecture and assumptions, so it’s mostly dismissed by modern historians.
Did Stalin order Doctors to be beaten in 1952?(yes)
Furr then states that the document where Stalin ordered to beat the doctors was possibly a forgery, simply because the historian who found it, N. Petrov claimed to have found it in the 90’s but didn’t publish it until 2011. This proves nothing, but Furr still repeats it since he seemingly couldn’t find another holocaust denier that claimed it was a forgery.
For those interested, here’s part of the text of this document.
“Comrade Stalin was almost daily interested in the progress of the investigation into the doctors ' case and the Abakumov-Shvartsman case, talking to me on the phone, sometimes calling me to his office. Comrade Stalin spoke, as a rule, with great irritation, constantly expressing dissatisfaction with the course of the investigation, scolded, threatened and, as a rule, demanded that the arrested be beaten: "Beat, beat, beat with deadly force" My comments that this could lead to the death of the arrested person, that some arrested people, such as Vovsi, Kogan, give evidence without using repression, caused even more irritation and reproaches that his instructions are not being followed.”[13]
Furr then says that it is likely that the author of the document, Goglidzhe, could have possibly given a falsified account to draw away any blame from himself. This is a fair argument, although Furr gives no other sources to back it up. However what is funny about this, is that Furr decides not to give any such criticism to any of his so beloved confessions that he constantly waves around as evidence of grand conspiracy, and simply accepts them at face value without any critical thinking. Truly a titan of historical analysis.
Furr’s Final Falsehood
Here Furr claims that Snyder lies about the contents of a draft letter that was set to be published by Pravda, that had been signed by all major jewish intellectuals in the USSR. According to Snyder, it was a letter of self-denunciation that was meant to thank the Russian people for saving them.. What’s interesting, is that Furr chooses not to show the contents of the letter, which is odd since Furr, throughout his whole book, quotes every document and every source he possibly can, so him choosing not to is noteworthy. The letter is too long to give the full contents of here but for those interested, here is a doc with it’s full contents.
Ans what do we find? That Fur is blatently lying. The letter does talk about how the jews should be thankful for having the "Great Russian nation" save them:
“At the same time, it is known to the entire world that the people of the Soviet Union and primarily the great Russian nation with its selfless, heroic struggle saved humanity from the yoke of Hitlerism, and the Jews-from complete destruction and annihilation. In our days the Soviet nation was in the first rank of fighters for peace, staunchly defending the affairs of the world in the interests of all humanity.”
So Furr’s claim that there was “nothing about thanking Russian’s for saving them”, is an outright lie.
The other lie made by Furr however is about how Snyder cites an article by historian David brandenberger that states writer Vasiliy Grossman was forced into signing the letter, and that Brandenberger cites no source for this. However, he actually does, specifically:
Rubenstein, Tangled Loyalties, 273; and Arkady Vaksberg, Stalin against the Jews, trans. Alexandra Bouis (New York: Knopf, 1994), 261.
Furr makes no attempt to refute these sources, so I see no reason to question their authenticity.
Furr has once again demonstrated how he is willing to lie, misconstrue or mislead his readers, or cite whatever absurd source he can, just so he can “prove”that Stalin was a nice little angel who never did anything wrong. To the point he is willing to cite anti-semites who believe zionists committed the holocaust just to try and absolve Stalin. He is a joke of an author and shouldnt be taken seriously by anyone.
[1] Stalin's Secret Pogrom: the Postwar Inquisition of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, pg.1
[2] Assassination of Solomon Mikhoels: About the problem of authenticity and reliability of the historical primary sources, Marat K. Bisengaliev
[3] Anders Rudling, P. (2006). Organized Anti-Semitism in Contemporary Ukraine: Structure, Influence and Ideology. Canadian Slavonic Papers, 48(1-2) pg. 104
[6] Stalin's Secret Pogrom: the Postwar Inquisition of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee pg. 2
[7] Костырченко Г. В. «Дело Михоэлса»: новый взгляд (начало) // Лехаим : журнал. — М., 2003. — № 10 (138).
[8] idbid
[9] idbid
[10] The Complete Black Book of Russian Jewry, edited by David Patterson, 2003 pg ix
[11] Костырченко Г.В. (сост.) - Государственный антисемитизм в СССР pg. 356-357
[12] Stalin’s last crime, The doctors Plot, Brent and Naumov, pg 327
[14] Brandenberger, D. (2005). Stalin’s Last Crime? Recent Scholarship on Postwar Soviet Antisemitism and the Doctor’s Plot. Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History, 6(1), pg. 196
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2021.09.26 16:52 ManuelTerstegen Is it me or am I going bald? (21)

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2021.09.26 16:52 WinningWolberg My rank 4 Stellar/Photon deck what do you think?

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2021.09.26 16:52 SnackishRaccoon Every. Single. Time.

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2021.09.26 16:52 mandajapanda David Jeremiah (American) and Conspiracy Theories

I tend to shut my door when I hear someone in my household listen to him, but I walked into the kitchen and he was talking about Bible Prophesy and globalism and the United Nations and I thought to myself that he and so many like him are the reasons for so many problems.
I did not finish the sermon, but even mentioning these terms could cause so much confusion and interest in googling the terms he uses why wouldn't they get drawn into the conspiracy theories on the internet?
It just seems like pastors have such a responsibility in corporate worship that a topic like this which is so easily misinterpreted might not be a good idea for a sermon.
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2021.09.26 16:52 Akesgeroth «Désastre» redouté dans les hôpitaux de la région

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2021.09.26 16:52 DanMahBoy Will there be a chance of having a big name VR reviewer have a first look at the headset before the Kickstarter opens up?

I don't know about the rest of my fellows here, but it would really support my confidence in investing in the upcoming Kickstarter if I saw someone other the parent company inspect the headset in AR and VR mode.
If you could send an engineering unit to someone like, I don't know, ThrillSeeker for example. Because if the top tier benefit of the Kickstarter is essentially "Consumer Version 1" of the Lynx VR ecosystem, I would hope you have finished at least one near-consumer ready unit so that a big name in the review community can scope it out and , hopefully, drive interest.
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3231 3691 5978
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